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2016 Highest App Downloads


As with every year, the month of December is the most important source of rankings. Last year showed that the market for mobile applications was led by Whatsapp and the Facebook app constituting the most downloaded apps in 2015 both on iOS and Android. Following behind: Facebook Messenger, Facebook itself and Instagram. These four most downloaded platforms most last year are all part of Mark Zuckerberg鈥檚 company. But so far in 2016, things are changing …

Most app downloads in January

The first month of 2016 is always misleading to sketch statistics, perhaps because it coincides with the Christmas period, we think that at this time many people acquire new iOS devices. And this makes us believe that it is the main reason that so many applications carry the bitten apple brand.

The result of the top most downloaded apps in January puts the game Piano Tiles 2 first. This is the sequel to the popular game Piano Tiles, but in this case the new version incorporates a login function to synchronize your data and a function to compete against friends or players around the world.

Second place in the top ten applications is the Pages app. This platform is designed exclusively for iOS devices, and is a fantastic word processor that allows users to create reports, resumes and other documents quickly from the same mobile device.

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The podium of the most downloaded applications of 2016 is completed by the Apple iMovie application. It is a platform to edit videos and easiest way for beginners, it is also compatible only with apple products.

Also it highlights the appearance in the ranking of the new sequel of the famous candy game Candy Crush Jelly Saga, available for iOS and Android, entering strongly in the global top ten. In addition they have visibility through the classification giants like Facebook or Facebook Messenger.

Top聽app downloads聽in February

The second month of 2016 highlighted the fall in mobile application downloads from Apple, but although this is probably a product of the rise in the first month. Now the word processor Pages drops two places to stand at fourth place in the top ten. While Apple iMovie does the same to the fifth place in the top of most downloaded applications. However iTunes U, manages to climb two steps and stay in third place in the standings.

In this classification what stands out above the rest is the rise of the Facebook Messenger application. This achieves a rise of four places to get the pole position in the race to win the throne in instant messaging applications that is now held by the giant WhatsApp. However it seems that users are starting to notice a lack of innovation by the green phone network, which no longer has many different functions from their closest pursuers.

The second place of the classification of highest app downloads聽in 2016 also marks a very prominent rise, with a 13 place improvement, the game Color Switch sneaks in among the highest app downloads聽in the world in February. It is an entertaining platform game that millions of users around the world have not let slip.

As expected Facebook continues to be on the top ten list of app downloads:

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As the months change the download indicators change. App downloads are influenced by numerous factors that change with the different periods of the year. Factors such as holiday periods, games that go out of style in a few months, or applications that fail to innovate and are eaten by competition have much to do with these changes. However there are major mobile applications after the assessments that stay in the rankings of the most sold, used or downloaded by users.

App Annie consultancy, measured precisely this, the volume of downloads in the two major online sales platforms of mobile applications: App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

The study divides the users’ preferences in four categories:

  • instant messaging apps
  • popular game apps
  • those that promote collaborative economy
  • and playback applications for audiovisual content

In the first classification, applications that stay on top year after year we quoted above. They are that four under Mark Zuckerberg鈥檚 company, Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Of those four, at least three are devoted exclusively or largely to developing instant messaging services, a segment that between 2013 and 2014 the download rate increased by 50%. Notably other applications that allow connection between users around the world and make huge waves in downloads such as Skype, Line, and Snapchat.

The other big stars are the games business, particularly those where you can get to higher levels and that do not require too much dedication. The first in this sector is that known Candy Crush Saga.

Mobile apps that promote a collaborative economy is a sector also grew a lot last year. Of particular note are those dedicated to transport and Uber or Bla Bla Car which grew around 30% over the previous year.

The last category corresponds to the apps that playback audio visual content. They are increasingly gaining more strength the dedicated video streaming applications such as YouTube, Netflix or Periscope and reach high levels of shock.

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