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5 mistakes freelance app developers should avoid

It is for sure that this wont be the first neither the last time that I’ll be speaking about freelance app developers. But in this case instead of giving you reasons to become a freelance developer, I want you to pay attention at this very common mistakes that you need to avoid if you are a freelance app developer and we hope that avoiding them makes it easy for you to find more app development projects.

You need to know how to manage your projects and clients, be very honest and admit your own mistakes. There are lots of mistakes that I could talk about and that will probably cost you your job, but in this article ill only be talking about the 5 most important mistakes that freelance app developers make so that you can make sure to correct then if you are making those mistakes.

1. Freelance app developers should behave like a business

The honesty is one of the most valuable qualities in the world of freelancing, also from the developer’s perspective even if your opinion doesn’t match with the one from the client.

For that same reason you shouldn’t make him believe at any time something that is not. A lot of freelance app developers tell their potential clients that they are a company because it generates trust and the client. Create a professional and personal image of you as an app developer, a figure in which the client can trust.

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2. Accepting work in other areas that are not your speciality

You need to look for app development projects based on your specialities, for example if you are an Android developer then just concentrate in looking for Android projects. Even though it’s true that most freelance app developers know more than one language, the best is to concentrate on only the ones you really know and no the ones that you know a little about.

Be realistic with yourself, normally developers are fluent in Android and iOS but sometimes they can be fluent in more operating systems.If you accept a project that you are not specialised in you are risking to not be able to complete it and therefore have a bad reputation in your image as a developer.

3. Not updating your knowledge constantly

A lot of professionals believe that once out of the university they know everything regarding their sector of work and this is definitely false because as the world changes so do things in all professional careers and that’s why you should always keep abreast about new discoveries in your sector, tools, as well as continuously form yourself.

The downside of working freelance is that you don’t have other work colleagues with whom you can discuss all new things happening and new tools in your sector that’s why if you are a freelance is recommendable to take part in different workshops as well as courses about new technologies so you can always be up to date with the techniques etc.

4. No interaction with other developers

Following the line of the previous point… The profession  of developer or programmer is essentially collaborative. Why not get in touch with other industry professionals can affect you negatively in your day to day as a freelance developer of mobile applications.

The exchange of information with other professionals allow you to share experiences, advice, tips to help you on the day. And also make contacts, perhaps even become future customers. Becoming a loner you will lose most of the job opportunities that exist today.

Being a good freelance developer, apps or any other software is based mainly on networking. Both to find projects or to find good professionals. A good way to achieve this networking environment without sacrificing the workplace or substitute leisure is working in a coworking and attend conferences and events in your specialist area.

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5. Do not complain of late payments

Another of the biggest mistakes is to want to avoid complain for fear of reprisals by the customer. For example in the case of payments is something that usually happens. And it is also one of the risks that most professionals have in mind when becoming a freelance developer.

Most developers establish as a standard charge within 30 days of the invoice date, you don’t have to follow this way of charging as you can pursue collection as you deliver the work. So if you need the money, ask for it if the customer fails to comply with the established times. In these cases, outsourcing platforms for app projects like Yeeply, with an Escrow payment method that ensures you receive the payment as soon as the deliver work applies.

These are not the only errors that you can face when exercising as a freelance developer. For example, all procedures related to taxation and taxes, duty bound to have it all well, as we explain in one article on our blog. In Yeeply we know that being a freelance developer is not easy, we can help you get projects, would you like get help find projects?

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