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The 5 Top Fintech Apps and How to Develop Them

The 5 Top Fintech Apps and How to Develop Them

In recent years, investment in fintech in England and worldwide has grown vertiginously to reach, in 2022, a value of 179 million dollars.

The use of new technologies to create financial applications is gaining popularity. Their use has become tremendously popular among all types of profiles, which is why they constitute a new and fruitful market niche.


What are Fintech Apps?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant boost in digital transformation. This was due to the fact that new technologies allowed companies to meet the new needs of the market, and within these advances, we can find fintech applications. 

But what is a fintech app? They are applications that combine finance and technology with the aim of offering useful and safe financial and banking services. These applications allow us to make payments to complex transactions encrypted in blockchain, without forgetting functionalities such as crowdfunding, loans between individuals or investment platforms.

In a constantly changing environment, banks and large financial companies have realized that the mobile is the present and the future when it comes to managing our finances. For this reason, they have allied themselves with various fintech startups to be more competitive and not be left behind. 


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Relevant data on Fintech applications

According to Statista, 64.6% of US citizens used online banking services in 2021. 

A study conducted that same year by the US bank “Chase” found that 4 out of 5 customers preferred to manage their money using a smartphone instead of going to a physical bank and that 70% of its users felt comfortable using digital banking. Only 10% of respondents mentioned that they do not normally use digital banking because they are not used to technology.

But the pandemic has not only caused an increase in users, but also in the frequency of use. 57 % of the world’s population say they use their mobile and online banking applications more than before, and 21% are now more interested in managing their finances.

Currently, 62% of consumers around the world use a mobile financial application and more than 80% of users demand an omnichannel experience that allows them to interact in all types of channels and services through their bank.


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How to develop a Fintech App?

These are the most important steps to follow to develop a Fintech App and the factors that must be taken into account. 

1. Choosing a niche

The first thing is to choose where we are going to move as an application. Some niche examples would be personal finance, trading, data analytics and business decision making, or cryptocurrencies.

Defining our niche will allow us to determine the needs of the target market and client to develop a useful and competitive technological solution that allows us to capture the attention of potential clients and investors.

2. Ensure legal requirements

Banking is a highly regulated industry. Each country has specific legal requirements, which may vary even within the country itself.

For this reason, Fintech applications must keep up to date with respect to legal terms and comply with a large number of privacy laws such as GDPR, electronic privacy regulation, CCPA, PCI DSS, AML compliance, etc.

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3. Choosing the right technology and equipment

There are many decisions to be made when shaping a fintech, and one of the most important is deciding how and by whom to carry out the project.

We must choose between developing native applications, multiplatform, which programming language to use, frameworks, databases…

All these choices are fundamental, and therefore, having a good development team is very important. In fact the team will be in charge of successfully achieving the objectives set for our application thus creating an attractive and functional technological solution.

4. Prioritize data protection

One of the most important concerns for users of fintech applications is the security of their data. Leaked sensitive information can be used for theft, blackmail, or other fraud. Therefore, we must put special emphasis on this aspect.

Tests must be carried out to ensure that the source code is free of vulnerabilities, avoid unauthorized API connections, protect the information with an HTTPS SSL certificate and, among other measures, make backup copies in the cloud, or integrate two-step authentication with facial or voice recognition at the time of logging in.

5. Develop a minimum viable product

Developing a basic version of the application aims to test the application before launching it. It is useful for users to give feedback and thus discover what features should be added next. It will also allow us to study its usability, a very important element in fintech development. And of course, it is an opportunity to attract new investors


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The 5 best examples of Fintech Apps in the market

Below we present some of the most successful Fintech Apps that you can find in the market.


It is capable of collecting all kinds of financial information such as accounts, credit variations or transactions. The application also offers financial advice, reminders to pay bills and detects spending patterns that allow us to generate strategies that facilitate savings

At the security level, it has one of the strictest encryptions in the fintech field. 


It offers a combination of banking services and financial management services. It includes currency exchange, P2P payment systems, cryptocurrency exchange or debit cards. 

It allows you to send money in more than 25 currencies and withdraw money in more than 120 currencies around the world. The cryptocurrencies it supports are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.


Online banking application that already has more than 12 million customers. It offers information on how to save our balances, rewards and credit cards in real time. 

Its interface is very simple, achieving a minimal learning curve. It also makes available to its users a blog where different financial technology topics are discussed in an educational way.

fintech app development for startups
Startup fintech presents its app development project. Source: Pexels


This is an investment app that its users can use to trade stocks, indices, and even cryptocurrencies without commission charges. 

It has great integration with over 3,500 banks in the US, making it one of the best fintech apps of 2021. It has multiple investment preferences and dynamic market data analytics.


Another of the main mobile banking applications of the moment. 

It allows consumers to manage their spending and savings in one place. 

It does not charge transaction fees and automatically saves 10% of the user’s credit. Directly transfer this amount from the main account to a savings account automatically.

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