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7 Strategies to Follow Before Posting Your App

Within this article we’ll ascertain how to incorporate optimized keywords and the 7 key steps to take your app to market. There are some key differences between the Apple and Android market. Here I will go through the main differences that must be considered before posting your app

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App Keywords

Google Developer Console has no box to enter your keywords so you’re able to take advantage of the AppName and AppDescription. The AppStore on the other hand has a 99 character limit. App Name The name is the first thing your target audience will see. The name must fulfil some requirements such as:

  • Grab your attention
  • Be descriptive, so that everyone knows what the app is about (unless you’re a well-known brand and then this doesn’t apply to you)

It is recommended on both the Appstore and Google Play to include keywords within the name. Some statistics have shown that AppStore users only read the first 19 characters. This makes it imperative that you take extra special care with what you write.

You’re limited to 30 characters for your name on the Google Play store

App Description

Did you know that nobody reads it? Even if there is infinite space for the app description, it is only the first 3 lines that are worth focusing on. In this limited space you have to inform the user with the following points:

  • The main features of your product.
  • The benefits of downloading the app
  • The best reviews (if you have already). This is a good way to convince the undecided

Below this, you can add some more details:

  •  Other apps that you’ve made (if you’ve got any)
  •  The way users can contact you either by email or through social networks.

In the AppStore the words you chose do not matter, however, it is a different story for Google Play. If you enter keywords in the description of Google Play, you will significantly improve your position within the market. Do not repeat the same words as Google will penalize you if you repeat the same keywords over 5 times.

App Icon

It is recommend that you seek the help of a designer for your icon design and screenshots, as this will make your app a lot more ‘customer friendly’. Here is an article that shows how changing an icon can change your application’s fortunes. The icon must always be very simple. Avoid words within your icon (as they hard to read on mobile devices). Above all, be consistent with the design of your icon and your app, adopt a common theme, if you will.

The measurement requirements for the AppStore are:1024 x 1024 px

In the GooglePlay the icon must be: 512 x 512 pixels

App Screenshots

Using screenshots is a great way to explain a little more about the application. Having said that it is not advisable to simply upload a screenshots of your app. Why not add some text? Why not “illustrate” how are the customers going to use the app? Here the imagination is free to run wild, you have to be creative. The main applications are already doing this, with positive results.

pou app

The measurements of the screenshots in the AppStore have to be:

  •  iPhone 5: 1136 px × 640 px
  •  iPhone: 960 px × 640 px
  • iPad: 2048 px × 1536 px

In Google Play, it is highly recommended to upload a video if you’ve got one. Otherwise, the screenshots should have the following characteristics:

  • JPEG or 24-bit PNG
  • Minimum size: 320 pixels
  •  Maximum size: 3840 px

App Ratings

It is important to get at least 5 reviews within the first week of the app going live. Why? Well, it encourages more people to download it and hopefully will result in further ratings and so on.

It’s not complicated to get 5 reviews, in fact it’s pretty easy.Remember the 3Fs? Family, Friends and fools – this is a great starting point. You can also ask beta testers (if you used them) to write a review. Asking is a great way to achieve thing, you get nowhere if you don’t ask.

App Updates

In this section you include all the latest news and any new releases. We like to see that an application is evolving through, fixing bugs, innovating and adapting the required changes.

It is important to note that depending on your application, it may be favorable to launch new versions on specific days of the week. It is also vital to consider important landmark dates such as Christmas with a ‘must get Christmas update’ for example.

If you want to know a little more about App Store Optimization, I recommend you click on this link to download the Marketing Kit that has been prepared especially for this.

Those were the 7 actions that will have to be taken into account when improving your App Store Optimization. The ASO is important but it’s even more important to have a good marketing strategy to promote your app. Remember that downloads is one of (if not the) most important factors that will make you grow in positions within the markets. The ASO will help with that but it’s only one angle that you should be considering. The important thing is to develop a good tailored plan to the application, because like any product, you cannot generalize and think that what works for your neighbour can also work with you.

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