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Android app developer: ICT’s most demanded emerging profession

App programmers are increasingly in demand in a world dominated by smartphones and the use of mobile applications. In fact, all industries related to the Internet and new information technologies are. And especially the Android app developer profile above all others devoted to other platforms.

The latest report carried out jointly by Infojobs and ESDADE in 2015 on the “state of Spain’s labour market” analyses data from 2014 โˆ’ 2016’s report has not yet been published โˆ’ and reveals that the number of mobile application developer vacancies keeps on growing. We must remember though that 2013’s vacancy growth was extremely high and its increase has been more moderate in 2014. However, 3,862 mobile application developer vacancies were published in 2014 in the aforementioned platform only โˆ’ just for example.

What is the job about?

The app developer’s average salary in Spain was โ‚ฌ 27,917 in 2015; it’s the lowest since 2008. This is mainly due to the fact that end customers, companies or individuals commissioning the applications are not aware of a mobile app’s cost. App development is expensive and time-consuming and the level of rivalry in the industry is high, so the impact on Android developers ends up being as significant as it is on iOS developers or on developers of other platforms.

However, the rivalry is not too high when applying to an app development job. There is an average of 13 candidates registered per vacancy in Android’s case. Rivalry may become stiffer for freelance app developers, enabling the customer to go after lower prices.

So, how can an Android app developer make sure that his product will be sold at a fair price? In our Yeeply.com platform all professionals are verified to ensure that they will offer a quality product. And, likewise, we make the customer understand that he must expect to pay a fair price for his app’s development.

For a deeper insight, the “Developer Economics: State of the Developer Nation” report for the third quarter of 2015 tells us more about application developers worldwide.

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Should I be an Android app developer exclusively?

The application developer’s profile is among those that are currently most in demand but โˆ’ even if Android developers make up a big portion of the total job offer โˆ’ we shouldn’t be paying attention to a single operating system.

According to the Developer Economics report, it’s not a matter of having to choose between Android and iOS. We should try to address both. In fact, 37% of app development professionals work on both of them. Some also even work on Windows Phone as a plus. It seems clear that the knack to it is not aiming only at mastering a single operating system.

How will the app market behave during 2017?

We must always take into account how the mobile application market operates.

In 2014 โˆ’ and somewhat into 2015 and 2016 โˆ’ app monetisation was based almost entirely on the revenue from the stores. During such period, Apple’s iOS had an overwhelming presence despite having a smaller market share. However, the means of obtaining revenue from an application are currently becoming more sophisticated (applications now opt for Premium models, e-commerce and subscriptions). In addition, Android’s extent is too large to ignore as a necessary option when it comes to creating an app.

Therefore, the idea of developing for iOS exclusively or for Android exclusively is not the most suitable approach for 2017. Being present in the Android market is essential; Android developers can be sure that there is a market for their apps.

Meanwhile, we can declare that Windows Phone is finally dead in 2017 despite Windows’ immense effort to promote it. Instead, development for Windows 10 is progressively gaining momentum.

Revenue models for mobile apps

As an alternative to ‘classic’ mobile development we’ll see how web applications become increasingly important this year. Especially now that Android and iOS strive to improve app performance regardless of whether these are native apps or web apps.

Reasons to become an application programmer

It’s a fact that 51% of app developers live below the minimum wage established for the app industry (which is around $ 500 per month). The reason behind this is that most of them try to make money through store monetisation models. Such as paid-for downloads or advertising. And data on the matter are still pointing out to us that charging for downloads is not profitable. Unless you have many users and a large target audience.

In truth, this model is only suitable for ‘gargantuan’ applications enjoying heaps of users and a large number of followers.

Alternatively, developers who are obtaining the largest profits are doing so by selling services. Carrying out sales through an app generates a good amount of profits that will eventually match โˆ’ at least โˆ’ the return on investment disbursed for the app’s development.

Getting into affiliate programmes from other companies may also be a way to monetise the app in a more direct and profitable manner. Especially when compared with traditional in-app ads. Therefore, this should be another option to consider if you are an Android app developer about to create your app.

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