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Aplace2go: A happy and funny world!

This is the first app that puts all the entertainment in the palm of your hand. Javier Muñoz (CEO), José Antonio Díaz (COO) y Carlos Rodelgo (CTO) joined their forces to create Aplace2go, with which they have managed to alleviate the needs that we face when we go out, putting into business. This web platform with a mobile application allows users to approach any kind of service in the same time.

Aplace2go founders


1. How did you come on the idea to start up Aplace2go?

The idea came up around one year ago, after seeing that our environment was always constant: all bars and restaurants were run by other websites or applications. But … where was its real voice and first-hand information for us? With Aplace2go we wanted to use the concept of socialization on the one hand to group first-hand information in one place as fully as anyone else did, and the APP to give the user all the facilities (reservation, chat, information, discounts, deals, browser, filters) in the palm of their hands. For the first time, there is a real meeting point between local and global prospects, lowering communication costs and positioning.

2. What is the function of this application?

The application works very easy. For somebody that is in another city, that wants new up to date information or that wants to go out at night, the information should be simple. Easy said,  you should show them what they are looking for without confusing them. APP is focusing on six sections for  iOS and Android:

  • Browser:  filter by country, city, area, name, type of premises, subtype, whether open or not, music.
  • Offers and promotions: either both local issues with subsequent filtering on the map to select schedule, music or extras.
  • Near here: a map with what is in your environment with another type of filtering, promotions, offers, extras and music.
  • Reservations and lists: make reservations at restaurants and other venues, or getting into the access lists of the clubs. Also, you are able to save all the history in this section. And the locals, with their profile, they can manage them without having a fixed terminal.
  • News: Local changes are introduced in their profiles in real time. It allows you to, again, select who you want to see your changes using different preference criteria.
  • Radar: it is not only  “whatsapp” that lets you chat with your contacts, with the help of Aplace2go you can see who is in the same place as you or where you want to go to. This element is a very positive socialization not only for users but also for locals who have a way to communicate the status or to make direct offers to the people around. For them it is like distributing flyers on the street but in a more playful and cheaper. Of course you can chat directly with the people around you  while they don’t know where you are (the privacy of users), to maintain direct contact with other people you need to send first a request to initiate the conversation that must be accepted. A good way to break the ice … The chat will be available next week for the iPhone and within two weeks for Android.

a place to go 2

3. What has been the commercial acceptance of Aplace2go?

By now, of the 2,000 locals we have in Spain in the free trial, only three are against this “technological things.” Instead, on the premises that make offers and more actively manage their profiles in two months we have come to reach 250 bookings in one place, so that the other premises are delighted. Do not forget that this is a very useful social network.

On the other hand, a month ago we started in Latin America starting in Chile, Colombia, Honduras and Guatemala. Here itself we can say that everybody is very possitive and we are beginning to develop actions that promise to be very interesting in the coming months. Thus, our intention is to become a leader in Spain. Promote networking, even at leisure / tourism, in a market that we often forgot that it contains about 1,000 million people.

4. Are users making good use of the app?

We are already two months “in the air”. Still, traffic data recorded over 15,000 people to the site and more than 1,000 downloads of the application. With these figures it is striking that the figures are reached and request reservation, which leads us to assume that users are making good use of the app.

In addition, more and more locals want to participate due to the amount of people who asked if they have any of our offers. However, Spain is a little slower than the rest of Spanish speaking countries. For after summer, there will  be Aplace2go Agents, to launch a campaign.

5. What launch strategy did you follow?

For now the growth of the platform at all levels has been completely organic, with some telephone marketing support. However, since a month and a half we are structuring a network of agents  to launch a campaign for Aplace2go. Agents are a kind of business that manage all incidents and conduct marketing and communication strategies.

6. What position has Aplace2go currently in the market of mobile applications?

Being honest and out of everything that is supposed to be one of the “fathers of the child”, there is a solution that approaches Aplace2go. It is true that, today, there are tools in the field against the brutal traffic which makes it very difficult to compete. Our main task is to teach the usefulness of the application and the real advantage Aplace2go has in service.

7. Would you like to create another application?

The Goat Group not only created Aplace2go, we also give service to third parties in app development (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone), custom software, web development, programming and online marketing. We also have a portfolio of over 30 projects with its Business Plan own facts, phased development, architecture … that we will develop when time and work allow us.

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