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What kind of app for business will improve your productivity?

Improving productivity is one of the goals that companies share. Making your employees become more effective, centralising communications or managing sales more efficiently are some of the ways to achieve it. Developing your company’s app for business will aid you as well.

Betting on innovation and new technologies is an option that will help increase productivity. In addition, it will also increase the customers’ and suppliers’ perception of the brand. Your company will be perceived as innovative and committed to new technologies.

That’s why an ever-growing number of businesses are betting on developing their app for business. I.e. they are choosing to develop in-house applications to manage their processes and improve their productivity.

Paradigm shift…

In our blog, we focus on creating applications for the end user or customer. In this case we’ll do so by focusing on the business ecosystem itself. We’ll focus on how creating an app for business helps a business to improve its results.

Yeeply has met this kind of demand. We have worked indeed with many companies that were willing to bet on this formula. We will be portraying cases that stem from our own experience in this article. And we will also share ideas on how to implement the formula in different kinds of business.


Case study: Academy Test

An academy is our first example of a company that has bet on creating an app. Given the large database of tests and exams it had, this business decided to create an app to access them.

Customers and teachers of the academy are able to access the contents in a simpler way through this app. In addition to sitting tests home if necessary.

It’s a clear example of the incorporation of new technologies within a company. And always aiming at being more productive and providing higher quality services to users.

screenshot of exam simulator page

Other ideas for an app for business

Yeeply has managed other projects related to app for business ideas. That’s why we want to outline a brief summary of ideas that could prove helpful to you.


Streamlining processes

An example of this are companies that use apps to send invoices to their customers. The company may thus save paper costs and the documents arrive immediately.

Likewise, the delivery of other kind of documents can be made more dynamic: from executing agreements to returning invoices or fix errors in record time.

Courier service companies are the most common example. Deliverymen must obtain a digital signature on their smartphone or tablet to confirm package receipt.


Streamlining services

They prove another good example of how to incorporate apps into businesses and betting on invigorating communication between company and customers. Gyms, for instance, can take good advantage of them. They can develop an app that includes all routines, classes, user progress, etc. Such an app would be accessible to both coach and customer and would suggest specialised routines.

This idea can be extended even to beauty centres and education centres. Mobile collaborative communication can be achieved through it. This environment may become the cornerstone of the relationship between company and customer (or teacher/centre and student).


Product catalogues

Creating catalogue apps may be especially interesting for vendors and suppliers. Retail companies have been able to incorporate perfectly this kind of strategies. However, they are applicable to many other kinds of companies ranging from the food industry to wider science and technology sectors. An app that allows us to request the products we are running out of is an example of this kind of apps. It will streamline processes and generate sales faster.

Even if it is a good idea just for showcase purposes. We might even go further and develop a product reservation app or a sales app.

catalogue for bathroom


In-house communication

Developing an in-house communication app is another good way to boost up productivity. I.e. creating an app to assist in company organisation. Big companies in particular cannot be managed as effectively as smaller ones.

Yeeply has worked to solve the problems faced by companies with hundreds of employees where organising shifts or holidays was virtually impossible. Achieving such thing on a one-to-one basis is not possible and channels such as WhatsApp or e-mail can backfire. Creating an app to ease communication between its members can reduce the time dedicated to certain tasks.

And this kind of app is not restricted to a specific industry. It’s needless to say that the more complex interdepartmental relations are, the more necessary such an app becomes. And applications like Slack or Hangouts may not suffice in these cases. Why not creating your own app?


Commercial presentations

Apps for business focused on sales agents can be very useful apps. Sales agents are employees in charge of looking for customers and new ways of business. This is why an audio-visual tool like an app can be crucial.

Especially for door-to-door salesmen, medical sales representatives or sales agents in events or exhibitions. The possibilities are endless. And it suits smartphones or tablets perfectly. There’s no need to travel around with printed documents or a laptop.


Apps are typically used within a company for tracking solutions, timings, deliveries or for inventory control. They are generally used to solve internal matters of the company that are easy to scan and digitalise. And that can be achieved virtually always with a very basic app. At least, this is TechCrunch’s point of view.

But the truth is that we’re the ones laying down limitations; we can develop any kind of app for our business as long as it solves a need or a problem.

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