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Errors and successes in app promotion     


App promotion is essential if you want to achieve a successful app. A successful mobile application is based on two pillars : a good development and good app promotion strategy. It is therefore desirable to know and avoid mistakes in app development that adversely affects usability and number of downloads.

But what happens when promoting an app ? What are the pitfalls to avoid in the marketing of mobile applications? It doesn鈥檛 matter if you’re a developer with lots of experience, or if you are new in the industry, everyone needs to take note. Dot Com Infoway, a company specialized in development and mobile marketing, has a great infographic to show you how to avoid the mistakes made in promoting apps:

infographic on Do's and Don'ts on app promotion

Avoid plagiarism!

More and more apps now copy features of successful apps; name, avatar, interface, etc.: If an application resembles another in the subject this is not necessarily negative. The problem is take advantage of the fame of other apps to attract users. Such is the case of one of the examples in the DCI infographic above. Through Temple Run 2 a very similar clone came out called Temple Jump 2. This second app not only copied the style of the runner, but also then transfers the avatar, name and even its most successful interface.

App Store Optimization

If you want to be successful in app promotion in the marketplaces, description and keywords must get to the point, of the subject of the application. A vague description or the use of unrelated keywords will affect the ASO and app positioning negatively.

Define the steps of the promotion strategy

App promotion is not something that can be left to chance. Therefore, we must define the steps to be followed for a proper app promotion strategy: actions on social networks, actions through the media, the app store optimization, etc.

Be clear about the target audience

You should know what segment of the population you want to aim your efforts at. It is not advisable to direct app promotion indiscriminately to any audience. This will not reach the target audience, your potential application will not be downloaded and any overexertion would be useless.

Applications at a fair price

Free or paid? The eternal question. It is convenient to observe the competition, as the price that they have set is a great guide when setting an amount for a particular app. The important thing is to have a clear strategy for mobile marketing and app promotion.


The updated application should be maintained, in order to correct errors and implement improvements. In this regard, it should take into account the feedback from users through their reviews and ratings in the app store. If consumers see a progress in the application according to their demands, they will recommend it to their acquaintances and through social networks. Paying attention to customers is a free source of app promotion, mostly through word of mouth.

Measurement and monitoring your app promotion strategy

As noted by DCI, marketing is not a one-time effort. This feature also applies to mobile marketing. We should always follow the progress of the application, in order to correct the mistakes that may arise in our app promotion strategy.

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