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App Store and Google Play: like dogs and cats

The infographic created by Beutler Ink for Kinvey makes an exhaustive comparison between the two major stores, Google Play and Apple Store due to the high penetration of the operating systems market. These sales and distribution models made accessible to users any type of mobile application.

App store: Apple vs Google

The data shown in the infographic is based on original elements which are besides the usual ones that show metric, growth rates or sales. It is noteworthy that even though Google Play is the leader in the market, App Store gets a four times higher daily income. Although Google has over 70% of the market share and Apple has only 20% of it.

The strategy followed by Apple has a higher profitability. Perhaps this event occurs for a volume of applications than Google, which cause an increase in annual revenue. Are these the reasons that make developers choose iOS to develop their applications?

Another difference is the system used by each of the stores, and there is somewhat also the identity of each of the companies. Google has a policy of accepting applications which is more open and  allows the download of any application anytime. But the Android market fragmentation causes that not all the apps are compatible with various terminals that use this operating system. Instead, Apple uses a highly closed system which makes it very difficult for the apps  to have the approval of the company. As this fact is a major part of their strategy, because thus it controls the value chain by not allowing access to certain apps which themes can become harmful to any part of the society.

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