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Apple is getting back to life after the hacking attack

Last Friday Apple managed to restore the website for its Developer Centre. It was blocked for 8 days after an unidentified attacker had hacked it.

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During that time Apple developers were not able to access the centre. However, the company announced it to its developer community not until three days after the incident. Apple took it seriously. They created a special status page showing the progress of the system rebuilding and also decided to update the servers to avoid such attacks in the future.

One of the most important technology companies declared that the attacker could access some mailing and e-mail addresses or even some of developers’ names. However no credit card information or iTunes accounts was compromised.

On Wednesday Apple contacted its developers informing about the restorage process and apologizing for all the inconveniences caused by the incident. According to the statement, the company had been working around the clock to overhaul their developer systems, update their server software and rebuild their entire database. Apple’s behaviour shows its great professionalism and commitment to maintain good relations with its environment.

It was not the first time that this powerful company was hacked. Another hacking attack occured in February, when a part of employee’s computers was infected after entering a website dedicated to mobile apps development.

As we can see, hackers are keen on attacking this company. Nevertheless, we hope that Apple will be able to protect itself from such cases in the future.

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