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Black Friday Apps: top 8 essential applications you must download

Black Friday Apps: top 8 essential applications you must download


Black Friday is coming, which means that sleeping bags and tents are popping up next to all the big stores. As it´s still the busiest shopping day for stores in America, it means it’s time to start planning your shopping strategy. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a list of the most essential Black Friday apps you must download if you´re in the US for the big shopping weekend.

This app guide covers 8 useful Black Friday Apps, which can be segmented into three different categories:

  1. Deals and alerts
  2. Price comparison
  3. Navigation

The Black Friday Apps included in these categories will help you to keep track of Black Friday ads, collect coupons, compare prices, and confront every other challenge that keeps you away from getting the best deals.
With just a few of this apps you will be able to lead the Black Friday charge like a pro discount hunter.

Women running for shop sales

Deals and Alerts

Keeping track of the best deals during Black Friday is harder than it seems. However, these Black Friday Apps might bring more order to the chaos of hundreds of ads and coupons on products you would like to purchase.

Flipp- Black Friday Ads: Whether it´s for the coming Black Friday madness or just another weekly visit to the supermarket, Flipp gives you everything you need to save from electronics to holiday gifts. You are able to search for deals by item, category and brand, which makes saving money even easier. The only thing you have to do is add loyalty cards from your favourite stores on to Flipp and save the coupons to your cart. The app also brings you the latest ads from over 800 retailers and can save you 20-50% on your (weekly) purchases.

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Slickdeals- Black Friday Coupons: With the largest deal-sharing community on the web, millions of people are using the app to discover, share and shop the best deals. The members of the community simply share their discovered deals on the Slickdeals forum and after being vetted through votes and comments, it can graduate to the Popular Deals forum. These deals are screened by the Deal Editors and they decide if the discount moves up to the Frontpage, where the best deals of the day are listed.

Shopkick- Rewards and deals: Catching a deal itself is already a fulfilling achievement, but it can even be more satisfying with an application like Shopkick. You can open it at the mall, online or in-store and start earning rewarding points, also known as ´kicks´. Discover daily challenges to earn these points for walking into nearby stores or virtually visiting it to make a purchase. The kicks you earn can be redeemed for gift cards, products or you can even choose to donate them to charity!

Price Comparison with Black Friday Apps

Especially during big sale or holiday events, it is interesting to compare discounts of products that are on your shopping list. These Black Friday Apps will help you make sure there is no better deal online or nearby in-store.

Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner: This app helps you to find the right product, at the right time. Whether it’s online or at a retailer in your neighborhood, you won’t get a better deal than this. Over 500+ different product categories are included in the app and it enables you to scan barcodes and QR codes. Furthermore, you get access to the best products which are tested and reviewed. If there is an online or in-store sale going on, you will be the first one to be aware of it.

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Price Cruncher: With this app it gets easier to do the math and see which offers are truly worthwhile. Especially for people who buy in bulk, it is possible to calculate the price per product and check whether it’s more affordable per product to buy a larger or smaller quantity. You can compare prices and save money on groceries, fashion items, hardware supplies, cosmetics, pet supplies, sport items and many more. In addition, the app enables you to compare prices with different units of measure such as kilograms, pounds, Gallons, Liters, Meters, Yards etc.

ScanLife: Scan Universal Product Codes (UPCs) from items with ScanLife. This app enables you to compare prices and earn points for free stuff at the same time. Scan the UPCs of a product and compare its price to other retailers. Furthermore, you will get access to special deals and points that can be redeemed for goodies or gift cards.


Finding your way around on Black Friday is not an easy task. These apps can provide you that extra guidance you will need to set out the fastest route to the mall and find parking spots.

Waze: With the Waze application from Google, you can easily avoid traffic delays and reroute around it when conditions change on the road. Before leaving to your destination, you can check your app to know how long your drive will take and you can set a customised or celebrity’s voice to receive road directions. During the ride, Waze monitors all the police and speed camera checks to avoid extra costs. You can even set a sound alert if you exceed the speed limit and the app works anywhere in the world!

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ParkWhiz: All Black Friday hunters know what it’s like to find a parking spot in a major city. Especially in urban areas the app ParkWhiz can save you a lot of time if you reserve a parking spot with it. The application partners with thousands of parking garages across America, providing a map of prices and real time updates regarding available parking spots. In addition, you can get a discount when booking a spot at parking garages that are included in the app. This will save you money and guarantee you the parking you need for your Black Friday adventure.

However, not only Black Friday but also Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday are popular days during the holiday shopping season. November and December are considered as the most crucial season for the economy because 30-40% of the annual retail sales occur between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In 2016, the holiday shopping season set records for online and in-store sales with a total spent of $655.8 billion dollars in the US. Nonetheless, the spending predictions of this year include a total spending of $682.0 billion, with an average of $967.13 per shopper.  

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