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How much time to make an app? Approx. 18 weeks to develop an app

When trying to develop a mobile application, there are many questions that arise when speaking about planning. Without a doubt, one of the most frequent questions is the cost of it.

18 weeks to develop an app


On the other hand, perhaps the most difficult issue to deal with is to find out is what is the most appropriate platform to develop, that depends also on the number of users that you want to reach. Time is another issue of concern for both the companies that need to develop a mobile tool and developers that are responsible for developing it. Kinvey has given the average time needed to develop an application for Android and iOS: 18 weeks.

According to  this infographic compiled for the portal that helps application developers, four and half months will be sufficient for an application ready and working correctly. As the picture shows, 10 weeks seem to be necessary to implement the backend phase, while  the developer will need 8 weeks to develop an app, to finish the application fronting phase.

To have a better awareness of time, the Kinvey infographic shows some other things that can be done in 18 weeks, for example you can send the Apollo XI to the moon 40 times in 18 weeks.

Obviously, the set time from Kinvey is approximate and everything depends also on the daily hours spend on the development of the application, the difficulty of developing it or potential problems that may arise during the process, that are not covered by this infographic or become too entrenched than expected. However, this study can help starting developers to get a point of reference to know in what time to develop an application, till they have acquired more experience and will be able to establish a more accurate forecast. On the other hand, it can also help companies that hire a freelance developer, by negotiating the conditions to take care that the company gets what it needs.

Julia Bergshoef

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