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How to determine which apps for businesses suit you best

Each company is a world apart and, as such, each app development process is different. A specific kind of app for businesses may be the one that sits well with your company. At any rate, we will have to analyse the problems detected in our company. We will then have to figure out how to solve them and if we can finally buy into developing a mobile solution in the shape of one of the possible apps for businesses available.

It’s needless to say that this is a topic that troubles many companies. It’s usually a good solution to improve a company’s productivity in particular. However, this is not always the reason behind creating an Android or iOS app β€” or even a cross-platform one.

We have elaborated a process to guide you into taking the best possible choice as a decision taker. It’s a brief 4-step method to determine which apps for businesses are best for your company.

1. Determine the problem

The first step is to know the reason why the app is needed, before even starting to think about developing it. Both your company’s problems and the reasons why they occur should be determined beforehand. This is a process that cannot be carried out unilaterally. We will have to keep in close touch with the other departments in the company to get to know their needs and problems.

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Which apps for businesses are suitable for you?

A good example would be to determine whether employees are wasting a lot of time filling in reports. Or if they need an effective way to organise the shifts and holidays β€” in case we are talking about a big company. We might even be facing a situation where we are obtaining plenty of visits from smartphones and tablets but where around 80% of these are leaving without buying anything because the website is not user-friendly enough.

Delve into your company’s processes thoroughly and explore how to improve them. Your goal can include both improving productivity and increasing sales. Both are entirely up to you: determine what is not working and how to improve it by getting your company a corporate app.


2.Inquire what are your rivals in the industry or similar doing

Keep in mind that other businesses may have experienced the problems that you are now facing beforehand. Exploring solutions already implemented by others is a good way to proceed. You will surely obtain guidance on what to do and even on what not to do.

Do not analyse your specific industry exclusively; analyse also companies from different fields. This can help you catch up with your rivals in the industry and overcome them.


3. Check the table and determine which apps for businesses suit you best

As we said earlier each company is a world apart and you will have to choose one solution or another depending on your company’s problem. That’s why we wanted to establish a table to group some solutions that may fit with your company’s requirements.

Slow report management   Management apps   Managing reports
Abandoned shopping carts and short visits on mobile devices   M-commerce store apps   Increasing sales on mobile devices
Inefficient shift and holidays organisation    In-house communication   More effective management
Slow in-house communications scattered throughout different channels    Instant messaging   Centralised and consistent communication
Few customers return to buy a second time   Customer loyalty management   Obtaining returning customers
Slow invoice generation   Complementary customer service   Sending invoices to customers automatically
Brand not perceived as modern or innovative   Branding App   Improving the brand’s image, rendering it more innovative and mobile
Need to train workers on a continuous basis   Internal training app   Short courses to train workers through the app
Additional problem determined   Hiring a consultancy firm to find a tailored solution   Develop a tailored mobile app or project



We should keep in mind that these are just a few examples, but they can often be taken as a benchmark. That’s why we include a last row named “undetermined problem”. Your problem may not fall into any of these assumptions, but it’s a starting point nevertheless.

At any rate, we encourage you to hire a consultancy firm for guidance on how to proceed in each case.

4. Request a detailed budget

Now that you have a rough idea of what kind of corporate app you may need, the only thing left is to obtain a budget estimate. We’ll need to detail our app as much as possible to get it right. Yeeply can lend you a helping hand in case you need aid with defining your app thoroughly.

If the app’s purpose is crystal clear to you and you know the app project by heart, request a professional quotation through our platform. We will find the professional that suits your needs best.

From here onwards, you take the lead. We encourage you to get in touch with us or publish your mobile project on our platform to create the app that will push your company forward.

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