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Freelance app developers: benefits and risks of hiring one

We have discussed app development outsourcing already several times on our blog. And we’ve talked about the reasons why you should hire freelance app developers, whether you have a mobile application in mind or you work in an app development company and need to lighten your workload. In any case, there are always numerous advantages that encourage outsourcing, but we can also run into some risks that we might just not always be willing to take to develop our mobile application.


The advantages of outsourcing app development depend on where you stand regarding apps. If you have no experience in application development, no related training and you don’t even make your living out of it –i.e. if you’ve just had an idea to create an app and want to carry it out– this is the best option. Remember that the kind of development team or freelance programmer you need to hire will depend on the workload required to make your app. However, both cases share common advantages:


Compared to other options available in the market, the first advantage is that you will get to choose professionals with an absolute specialisation in your project’s characteristics. And this will get noticed in the final result. A freelance programmer specialised in developing apps for Android will always deliver a better result than a developer on your company’s payroll who is knowledgeable about several platforms but is neither an Android nor an iOS developer. You will obtain through this process an application that fits your idea closely and that is tailored to your requirements as well as to those of the end user. You will additionally obtain feedback and advice from industry experts who are used to deal with these products on a daily basis.

Product quality

Another advantage is the final product’s quality, which will stand out in the mobile application. This is a great way of positioning your product naturally in the market. A quality product is way much easier to sell. A native application and a web app are not the same. In addition to this, you will be able to make your app easily distinguishable from those of other competitors.

Cost reduction

Another of the clearest advantages in hiring professionals for developing a mobile application is the immediate reduction of recruitment costs. To incorporate professional into your company’s staff will be more expensive than opting for outsourcing, whether it comes to hiring a freelance developer or a whole development team.

Cost of outsourcing to freelance app developers

Greater time saving

Regarding time saving, you will avoid having to arrange meetings and weekly checks on the activity of your company’s dedicated team. With outsourcing you will just have to check from time to time, allowing you to invest your time in other aspects of your business that may require your attention. You will have a director or project coordinator who will take care of it. This will save you time as you will only have to validate the milestones put forth at the beginning of the collaboration and go over the correctness of the work delivered to release the payments –always through Escrow.

More activities being assumed by your company means the efforts of your personnel are getting more scattered. Opting for app development outsourcing will help to lighten the workload of your company’s staff members. It will also allow you to focus your efforts on your company’s main activity, thus being more efficient and productive.


In any company or business there are risks that must be taken, and this is the case when outsourcing the development of a mobile application –as when outsourcing any other kind of services– to a hired freelance app developer.

Lack of communication

The lack of a communication structure, since talking ‘face to face’ is not always possible, and the lack of closeness and personal relationship may have an adverse effect. When outsourcing services, contact may not be as regular as needed and communication errors may happen. For example, the app developer might not understand entirely what the company wants and make mistakes that will end delaying the app project.

Outsourcing to freelance app developers

Setbacks and a lack of reliability regarding delivery deadlines

Sometimes, when we choose to outsource services (also in app development) we face a lack of certainty regarding what will happen once after establishing the deadlines. How can we be one hundred percent sure that the company or professional that we have hired will meet the deadline?

This lack of reliability associated to this external agent is another risk. Setbacks can always happen, but the deadline can be met through good communication and collaboration on both sides to resolve them properly.

Online payment security

One of the thorniest issues when conducting business online is to be sure that our money reaches the recipient properly and safely. We do not want our bank details exposed. One of the risks of hiring a freelance developer is precisely this. Although there are well-known payment gateways that are currently very safe, one has to always walk on eggshells and be aware of what kind of payment is accepted by the company or professional we have hired for outsourcing the app’s development. In addition, we also need assurance that the service for which we are paying is being carried out.

How do I protect my idea?

The fear of that an original and innovative idea might get copied makes many customers not to trust fully in this process. One of the app outsourcer’s biggest fears is that his idea gets copied when sharing it. However, if you are considering developing a mobile app and want to protect your idea, you must not be fuzzy when describing your application project. This will only get you unrealistic budgets that will ultimately not convince you and you will not be able to pick a good freelance programmer. One possible solution for protecting your idea is to get a non-disclosure agreement signed.

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As experts in outsourcing the development of mobile projects and applications, we are very familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of this way of getting the work done. We work every day to minimize these risks that you face when outsourcing this service. Our aim is to minimize the risks associated to project outsourcing and to offer you support throughout the process so you can benefit from its advantages to the maximum extent and develop the mobile application you have in mind.

For example, Yeeply is familiar with the developers you hire and knows that they meet the deadlines. Therefore, our platform works as a mediator to review the work, check that milestones are being met and oversee that deliveries are handed on time. But it also assures freelance developers that their customers are not going to back out and that they will get paid for their work.

Similarly, Yeeply seeks –during all phases of the project– a fluid communication and focuses on that both parties understand each other and explain both the app they have in mind (customer) and their proposal for carrying out it (developer), as sometimes the industry’s specialised jargon prevents the customer from grasping well what the freelance developer is saying. Our marketplace works as a communication channel to avoid these errors.

As for security in online payments, we offer a secure payment method through Escrow. This method consists in Yeeply withholding the customer’s payment, which will be delivered to the developer when the customer is satisfied with the results. On the other hand, the freelance developer can start developing the mobile project unworried and confident in the fact that the customer has paid and he will receive his payment when the service is delivered. In our platform, we cancel out this risk and uncertainty by offering a secure payment method through Escrow.

Finally, in Yeeply we work with accomplished application developers who will get closely involved with you in your project. However, for further assurance you can choose to sign a non-disclosure agreement with us and with any freelance developer or development team wanting to take part in your project. This way your idea will be legally protected.

And above all we can give you advice on all your needs. Do we publish your idea of mobile app?

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