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Corporate mobile application development

Mobile applications can help you expand your market, as they can be a new way to market your products and services. In addition, it can also complement your new marketing campaign. You can apply mobile application development to your company as you like, as long as you have a clear objective.

There are dozens of benefits to be retrieved from creating an app for your company, business or SME. So take this into account if you are thinking of creating an application: we can help you out! It’s needless to say that we’ll be happy to help you out with your project, but first, you need to catch up with the options at your disposal.

Which kinds of mobile applications should you develop for a company like yours? It will depend on your industry, the kind of business you have and what you’re expecting from the application. For instance, trying to establish a new sales channel or promoting customer loyalty are not the same.

Depending on your company’s specifics (is it a large multinational company, an SME or a start-up?) your app project will take one path or another.

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Which are the different kinds of mobile application development?

Each application is different and unique, so we cannot always fit an app within a category. Some are even halfway between two different kinds of applications. We’ll describe them below.

Promotional applications

The reason why these mobile applications exist has to do with customer loyalty, i.e. getting him to consume more of our products or services. These apps characteristically provide discount coupons to their users, send invitations to promotional events, run contests and even promote accumulating credits to redeem gifts and prizes.

Business directory

The purpose of these mobile applications is to be a digital directory.

These apps contain a list of a company’s stores with information on how to find them. They even incorporate geolocation with Google Maps or other maps to direct us towards their locations. Many also seize this as an opportunity to inform the user about exclusive offers depending on where he is. Encouraging interaction with social networks is also very common among these apps, which is a good way to promote the brand’s online presence.

An online or m-commerce store

Many lines on our blog have been already devoted to explaining how to create an m-commerce store. However, for simplicity, we’ll just say that it’s enabling online and mobile access to your catalogue to allow customers to make purchases by means of the payment gateway you have chosen and then select among shipment options (courier, collection points, store pick-up, etc.).

Quiz games

Games are the most downloaded and used kind of apps, so catching the wind and creating an app for your company can be a very clever idea. Creating a sort of trivia game to promote customer loyalty and amusement is a good option. For a cinema, for example, developing an app in the form of a film buff trivia game might be an excellent idea.

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Branding games −  related to the brand or company

We’re referring to Advergaming, a kind of game development that focuses on including business-related elements (associating them to characters, sets, plot, etc.) like, for example, the company’s logo, some of its products or even a famous employee or member of the company. The app’s purpose in these cases is not focusing on the brand and sales − which are now secondary aspects − but rather creating a game that enhances the company’s image and branding while increasing its presence in mobile devices.

Take advantage of what augmented reality has to offer

There are several ways to do this. These range from implementing it in a game to incorporating it into the shopping experience.

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Applications like Ikea’s catalogue allow us to see through AR how one of its pieces of furniture would look like in our own living room. And even makeup brands have created apps such as L’Oréal’s Makeup Genius that show us our appearance after applying different cosmetics without having to carry out any real testing. This model can be extended to decoration, clothing, shoes, handbags, sunglasses… among other products. Tourism applications can let us discover where to find a cafe, the purpose or history of a particular building, find out how much will the entrance of a museum cost, buy such entrance, etc.

For tourists

With or without Augmented Reality the truth is that creating a mobile tourist guide can be a good thing for your business. Usually, these apps are based on interactive maps that highlight landmarks, show their location and display the route to reach them.

It can be very useful for hotels and hostels in a given area and also for restaurants.

Tourism departments can also make good use of these apps to offer new content through check-ins or QR codes. Good examples of this are the Repsol Guide and the Michelin Guide.


Applications for specific events with information on the activities that are going to take place, downloading documentation, etc.

In any case, this has been a classification of the kinds of standard apps, although there are actually many companies that decide to invest in developing hybrid mobile applications, blending together more than one of these categories.

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Which model fits my company best?

In most cases, companies want their applications to be different from those of their rivals in the industry. Therefore, not all the models described above are valid for all situations. You must find at this point the business model and the mobile project that fit your needs best.

And what if you don’t stumble upon it? Finding the ideal mobile application development is often not an easy task, especially for those unfamiliar with the jargon and peculiarities of the mobile industry. Don’t worry: you can rely on us to define the mobile application that fits your company best and to help you find mobile app development experts to carry out your idea.

Have you still not written to us? Do you have a clear idea of what is your app going to be like? Please, tell us.

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