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Why Does Your Digital Agency Need Yeeply For IT Outsourcing

Since Yeeply pivoted its business model and started to carefully certify developers and designers within our professional network, we’ve worked with more and more digital agencies in our primary markets: Spain, France and Italy.

When it comes to IT Outsourcing we have seen a growing trend with digital agencies coming to us constantly looking for the best talent. We are pleased to be able to provide this, as a talent curator in mobile development.

Increasingly, digital agencies are starting to outsource mobile development, website development and other IT work which, as we mentioned in our blog recently, leaves their teams able to focus on what they do best: creativity. Plus allowing the company to become scalable and take up more work.

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Let’s be clear, outsourcing is hard stuff. Even harder when it’s about software development. It’s like trusting a babysitter to watch out for your kid; you’re handling someone else’s most beloved good. Bringing trust to this process is critical. That’s the main reason behind our pivot.

How does Yeeply help mobile agencies? Shortly:

  • Transparent access to a network of curated mobile developers and designers. Mostly companies but also freelancers, who are based in Europe in most cases. As a Spanish firm, we also have vetted professionals in Latin America.
  • Agile methodology and a dedicated Project Manager to ensure your project gets done on time, to a competitive budget.
  • Flexibility to adapt to your payment policy. Not often possible to smaller development teams or individuals.


Trusted Professionals To Work Alongside Your Trusted Team

As an outside resource themselves, digital agencies know the value of trust. When you win work, it is often based on your reputation as an agency, and you’ve worked hard to cultivate it. When it comes to outsourcing part of a project that has been entrusted to you, it can be hard to weigh up the benefits of hiring someone to do that work. With any cost to your reputation that a bad experience might bring.

Cody Littlewood, CEO at CodeLitt, echoes this.

‘The biggest issue is lack of ability to properly vet vendors/outsourced partners. So many vendors will try to sell you on their capabilities when in reality, they have poor technical teams that create headaches down the line.’

Matt Goolding, Founder of UK digital marketing collective KYO, agrees:

‘With such an upsurge in the volume of freelancers, and ever-expansive portals for finding them, a major pain point is actually the wealth of choice! It can be hard to sift through the noise to pick up experts that are credible, but also affordable.’

He also picks up another issue when it comes to finding trusted professionals. ‘Portfolio plagiarism is also rife, and hard to prevent. So when outsourcing critical elements of projects, it’s important to spend considerable time on due diligence.’

Here at Yeeply, we’ve done that due diligence for you. We have access to a curated network of developers and designers. Most of these are companies and they are based in Europe. We have over 100 vetted teams for you to work with. Our development network covers almost every technology, from web to mobile, frontend to backend, development and design. We’ve done Uber-clone apps, Tinder-clone apps, Streaming apps, even the official Fantasy game of LaLiga! 

‘When you find someone skilled, reliable, and communicative – stick with them.’ Fully agree, Matt Goolding!

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A Project-Managed Experience For You And Your Team

A major pain point for digital agencies is communication with an outsourced team. As Mark Tuchscherer, President of Geeks Chicago, puts it, ‘you need someone who can do more than just write code.’ In his experience ‘we have seen so many teams that can’t communicate effectively or don’t understand the project.’

Being able to hit the ground running is key to getting a project off to a good start and keeping it running on time (and by extension, on budget.)

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We understand this at Yeeply, so we provide a Project Manager for projects with digital agencies. We speak both tech and commercial languages and know what needs to be done. With someone as the main intermediary between the digital agency and the development team this frees up the IT team to focus on coding.

This understanding of the project is also key. As Jason Brewer, CEO of digital agency Brolik, notes

‘When considering bringing on a development partner, a major concern is the lack of domain expertise, or the challenge in transferring agency learnings to the development partner. There are many small problems and small decisions a developer will need to confront during a project.’

Having a Project Manager role means that small problems and decisions are dealt with promptly. It also means that there is someone on the project who can see if these are going to add up to larger issues and has an overview of how to tackle these before they affect the work of either team.


Taking Care of the Little Things That Matter The Most

When you are tackling something as big as creativity and development, and working across agencies and teams, the smaller admin can seem like it is getting in the way. With agency and development team swept up in the creative vision and new tech of a project often, no one wants to be the one talking about the little things.

Budget matters. If you’re in the IT Outsourcing industry, you know top quality and low prices don’t match. When we say competitive rates, it’s because we at Yeeply are also a regular client to our own developer network, so they understand the value of price for our clients as well.

It’s not just budget that often gets overlooked. Sometimes the most important part of any project is the one people talk about the least: confidentiality. We understand that clients working for any great digital agency are often top companies, large multinationals and well-known brands. We take confidentiality seriously. We’re happy to sign an NDA and if a digital agency doesn’t want us to talk about our role in their project then we won’t.


Peace of Mind Now And In The Future

We deliver the source code to digital agencies once the project has finished. We’d love to be the first place you turn to again for future work. But we’re not going to make you come back to us just because we’re holding the source code.

We also give our work a 6-month warranty, just in case any bugs are discovered. Again, we deliver high quality work, we just want to make sure you know we are there if there are any issues after the project is successfully delivered.

In a world where remote working, agencies and outsourcing are now becoming not just common but often best practice. We at Yeeply are excited to be part of this new landscape for development.

Working to bring together trusted developers with digital agencies who are producing cutting-edge work is an area we are proud to be involved in and we’ve worked hard to make sure it can be a successful for everyone involved.

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