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Get involved in web app development

As with any discipline, no one becomes an expert overnight, you need proper training. This also applies to professional web app development. While most developers involved in the world of applications focus on creating native mobile applications, there is a large market for web application development. This is usually the cheaper and faster option, although the development quality may not be as high!

But becoming a web app development pro is not impossible, in fact, it is relatively simple if you are already skilled in programming. In any given case it is always an option when considering the development of applications and how best to do it. So how do I become an expert be in web applications?

Study web app development

Studying technical web app development is the first step. There are many different ways of doing it and there are even centres that will teach you the basics of web app development. Even if you already have advanced programming skills you may benefit from a specialised course or online material. Here are some of the skills you may learn about the development of web apps through studying.

– How to develop, implement and maintain web applications, regardless of the model used.

– How to use specific technologies, maintaining secure access to data and ensuring you meet the criteria of accessibility, usability and quality that are required by the standards set.

– How to configure and get the best out of information systems

– How to manage application servers, adapting configuration in each case to allow web application deployment

– How to manage databases- How to develop web applications with access to databases- How to integrate content into the workings of a Web Application

– How to develop Web Application interfaces- How to develop multimedia components for integration into web applications

– How to integrate multimedia interface components into a Web Application

– How to develop and integrate software components into the Web Server

– How to develop services to integrate their functions into other web applications

– How to integrate services and content distributed on web applications

Of course, as a specialized app professional you will have more knowledge about the development of apps and other mobile disciplines; because of this your profile will be unique and irreplaceable. The great thing about web app development is once you know the ins and outs, you only need to put it into practice and create the web apps you want!


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Career opportunities in web app development 

Your professional path after studying development is clear; development and web application programming. This is your springboard for developing apps of all kinds, both native and not. Here are some of the profiles that might fit a professional with this background:

  • Web Application Developer: Obviously this is the first profile that comes to mind.
  • Multiplatform Application Developer: Although not exactly the same, a development expert in web apps is competent to fulfil this role.
  • SUV Developer: if you have more knowledge in Android development you can put yourself forward as an app professional suitable for projects that require several different developments.
  • Interface Designer: If you know ins and outs of web apps and mobile web design guidelines, you can become a very versatile app designer.

Freelance or member of a web app development team?

This will depend on your additional technical knowledge. If you are uniquely specialised in web applications it may be better for you to join a multi-disciplinary development team. If you have a high capacity for individual work, are capable in different development areas of app projects perhaps you would be better as an expert freelancer in web app development.

What do I do now? Study or work? If web app development is your main area of study in programming you have so many options it can be overwhelming. However in reality, in the apps sector, all types of skills and abilities are highly valued. This is especially true now that the majority of apps are Android or iOS, therefore it is essential to have a base understanding of these operating systems. Our first recommendation is that you look for development experience. In addition, make sure you don’t forget to keep up to date with new changes in the world of web and mobile app development. The changes in this sector are essential if you want to work in the programming sector.

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A professional portfolio that stands out

Most of the time it is impossible to include all the projects that we have worked on in your portfolio. Perhaps due to the volume of projects or because the projects you have worked on are not suitable to highlight for the job you are applying for. How do we make ourselves stand out from the mass of app developers out there? Differentiate yourself. Make it very clear what makes you different and, more importantly, what makes you better than the rest. Whether it be your knowledge of design, or your experience with UX, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, web programming, etc.

 • It is important to have the fundamental skills and knowledge. But if you’re a developer of web apps it is obvious that your studies have focused on those areas, therefore it is not necessary to detail all your courses on the subject. Describe quickly and simply that you are a specialist and, if you can, give an example of a job you have done in this field.

• Prove you’re the right choice. Here you have to show off your conversational skills (or written, if appropriate) to prove you’re the right person for the job, always focus on what you can bring to the project and not on what not to do with the project you are applying for. Be positive, not negative!

Has this advice helped you? In our platform, we help you find the projects that best suit your knowledge and skills in developing web apps.


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