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Have an idea to create an app

If you have an idea to create an app: study the market.

There two distinctive reasons to develop an app: on the one hand, it all you think about and you are determined to make it happen, however on the other hand you are a business owner and you would like to sell your product/service; and you believe by developing a mobile application it will improve sales and communication between you and your clients.

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 If you find yourself in the first case make sure your idea is truly unique, therefore research the market. Study direct competition, if you have it and define your idea and visualise it. Before you take the step of seeking an application developer you have to be very clear about every corner of your application.

 Continuing, if you are a business owner and looking to develop an application to increase your companies’ performance you should begin with looking for companies that have a similar applications that more or less provide the same products/services as you do. Compare business models, will you consider pay per app or not, usability, number of downloads, a more suitable operating system, design, etc. And do not forget, all these features must adapt to your potential customers.

 Now an idea always changes, if you do not have the correct technical expertise to carry out this project you will need to find someone who can. That person would be a developer of course, ideally experienced, able to answer your questions and add to your project. However, remember you have final decision.

Here at Yeeply you can find over 2,800 freelance specialists that are experts in different operating systems. At Yeeply we help you publish your project through a series of simple steps, after you have posted your project you will receive notifications from different developers who are interested in your proposal, however you decide which developer interests you the most. Immediately after you have paid the deposit, together you and the developer can start developing the app. You will have to monitor the progress of your application because you have the authority whether to make changes or continue the development.

 A common error that we make, when developing a mobile application, is hiring a stranger to develop your mobile application. It is difficult to patent an idea for an application, unless it involves a significant technical advances. You can search for other alternatives to help us shield your application, at least until it is released to the public.  To carry out this legal bond, there are so-called “confidentiality agreements” also known (NDA). This agreement is signed by both parties to share confidential material among each other but not to the public.

 Moreover, if you decide you want to create your mobile application through Yeeply’s platform you will have a series of follow-up guarantees which keeps you informed and aware of your application during the development stage.

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