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How much does it cost to make a website?

In our blog, we focus mainly on mobile applications. However, websites are also among the digital products that continue to modify our digital world. Websites are more useful than apps in many cases. But how much does it cost to make a website?

If we take a look at e-commerce conversion figures, we’ll see that desktop versions are still the king of the hill as to achieving sales. The thing is that we feel more comfortable and familiarised with carrying out payments on our computer. And adding to it, it’s also more complicated on mobile apps at the end of the day.

This is just one reason. It’s highly recommended to have a website for desktop computers even if you already have a mobile app. After learning how much creating a mobile application costs, you may wonder how much does it cost to make a website like the one you need.

Well, creating a website is not as expensive as creating an application in most cases. However, the cost of a website will depend on which kind of website it is — akin to what happens with apps.

How much does it cost to make a website?

Cost of a website

You may have seen all kinds of prices. Some claim to make a website for only € 100, but to what extent is this true? There is a tool to find out how much does it cost to make a website called “How much does my website cost?” However, it’s a very basic tool that will give you just a first approximation. And it doesn’t take into account some other very important aspects when calculating a website’s development budget.

Another option is to go to our website and get an automatic cost estimate in real time. You’ll get it just by introducing your project’s characteristics. It’s able to reckon costs for websites and apps alike. You also have to select your needs as to development, marketing, consultancy services, etc. This tool throws prices around starting at € 2,000. Depending on other factors the price may increase if you’re after a more comprehensive website.


But how much does it cost to make a website?

Let’s start with the very basics. Not all websites are the same. The features you will need will depend on which kind of business you have and on the activities you want to channel through your website.

Kind of website

We have several options at our disposal when it comes to defining the kind of website we need.


WordPress blog/website

This is usually the cheapest option to make a website. In this case, we will only have to prepare the WordPress CMS in the desired domain and install the template we want. You can opt for a customised design, although that would increase the cost. Depending on the quality you are after, the development of a customised WordPress design ranges from € 1,500 to € 4,500. And if you also want your website’s design to be unique instead of using a predefined template, the cost could then exceed € 5,000.



The price goes up significantly if you want to create an e-commerce store. Online stores are more difficult to manage and create, as this kind of website will contain many more unique sections and will take more time and effort to create. There are several options for creating an online store: Woocommerce, Magento or Prestashop are the most well-known and businesses use them extensively. The process of creating an e-commerce website using these three technologies is more or less the same, perhaps with Prestashop being a little cheaper. In any case, your minimum budget for creating your e-commerce website will range from € 2,000 to € 8,500.


Customised website

A very basic tailored website could be made for about € 2,500 but it will take us nowhere if it lacks a good app design or a good marketing strategy. These tailored websites apply to businesses that don’t fit into the descriptions we’ve been discussing above. These businesses need to manage their websites entirely. This is the case of companies like ours or like BlaBlaCar and MilAnuncios. These businesses need to invest and reinvest in their website’s development and maintenance. To a point of spending thousands and thousands of euros in the first version of their tailored website. An estimated cost could start at about € 2,500 if no top-notch quality or design is required. Otherwise, we would be talking about an investment of around € 16,000 for a custom web design and backed by a digital marketing strategy.


Services you may need

As we have anticipated before, development is not all that matters. You must take into account the services that you will require when outsourcing your website’s development.


Website development

This is the basic service you will need. However, outsourcing the development of a good website or creating it yourself is of no use if you don’t take website design into account.


Website design

Website design is closely linked to website development; they almost go hand in hand. You need a design that is properly thought out. The developer should help you achieve this. You’ll need a proper design whether you do it yourself or hire someone to get it done. It should be well thought out before website development begins. Otherwise, the development process will not be able to start.



We’ll now discuss creating a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ (MVP). It’s another way of referring to the basic website that we need in order to get our project started. Developing this kind of website is expressly indicated for businesses that are getting started and need to create the first version of their website. It’s cheaper and allows introducing significant changes before jumping to a high-quality version of your website.


Consultancy services

In addition to website development and mobile applications, Yeeply offers you the option of hiring consultancy services for your project. This is especially recommended for companies that are newcomers to the digital or mobile environments and don’t know exactly how to tackle their projects. We have digital environment experts that can advise you in creating the website or mobile application that suits your project best.



And now it’s time for some digital marketing. When it comes to websites, the sooner you start working with your marketing team, promoting your website and preparing its code to analyse its visits, the better. The marketing strategy very often starts before the website has been released to the general public. A small preparation or ‘set-up’ stage is needed before a website is launched. Keep this in mind when you get started with your website project.


Your website’s quality

Sometimes it’s not that you are seeking low quality, it’s that your project’s condition requires you to get started with a low-quality website. It’s logical to invest in a lower quality first version of your website if you want to launch an MVP, for instance.

And you will surely want to invest in a higher quality version if your company begins to grow and you want to take a qualitative leap. Very often, this quality boost results in a good design and a good development process, but also in a project that is completely tailored to your needs. However, it goes without saying that it also requires larger budgets.

If you want an estimate on the budget that you would need for your website project, just go to our website or to our “How much does my web cost?” tool to get an idea. And, if you still have second thoughts, feel free to publish your project in Yeeply and we’ll look for the professional budget that suits your project best.

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