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How much does it cost to make an app?

How much does it cost to make an app?

How much does it cost to make an app?” is one of the most frequently asked questions among our clients who want to develop a mobile app. It’s the first question that comes to their mind after having an app idea.

In reality, the price of an application depends on many factors: the quality, functionalities, design, or the importance of the back-end. Let’s get into more details…

Index – How much does it cost to make an app?

Cost to develop an app

Every time we get the question: “How much does it cost to create an app?” our answer is always the same: “The cost of a mobile application can range from 1.000 euros to 120.000 euros. It all depends on the specifications.” To explain as easily as possible this price difference, we could compare a mobile application to a car. We know prices vary strongly depending on a number of factors such as the quality, model, options or size. The total cost to develop an Android app, for example, is known to be slightly less expensive than for iOS.


There is no standard cost for developing a mobile application


Thus, it seems logical that an SUV with GPS tracking and voice control costs more than a standard Dacia. In the case of mobile applications, the principle is the same… or almost, as, instead of paying for material, you pay for the time needed to develop the application. While one application can be created in 50 hours, another will need 500 hours.

However, to obtain a quote, it is very important to define your mobile app project into details. Knowing how to make an app is of importance before wholeheartedly starting your project. Every professional in the field of mobile apps, whether it be a digital agency or a freelance app developer, will ask you for this information before drawing-up a quote.

One more advice: Do not hesitate to ask for a quotation to several app developers. You will be surprised to see how much the price can vary for the same mobile application.


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Factors that influence app development cost

As mentioned earlier, the cost of making an app depends on the combination of a number of factors. The most common ones are listed as follows:

Cost of creating an app: Functionalities 

Each option requires a certain amount of development time. Some of them are “easy” to set up and won’t take much time for the app developer. However, other ones will require more efforts and, therefore, cost more, which is logical. For example, a contact form can be rapidly inserted into the app, but an accurate geo-tracking system will need long hours of coding.

Cost of creating an app: User interface and app design 

The user interface and app design are two elements of paramount importance, for the quotation as for the success of your mobile app. On this point, it is also important that the client and the developer agree on the objectives to reach. By sharing clearly your ideas with the app developer, you ensure to obtain a complete application, without unnecessary functionalities.


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Cost of creating an app: Platforms

To know the price of your mobile app, it is also essential to know on which platforms it will be available for. Do you want to create an app for iOS or Android? A native, hybrid or web app? In that case, you must know that a native app will always be more expensive than a web or hybrid app. But be careful: contrary to what you might think, a native app is not always the best solution. Hybrid and web technologies are more suited to certain types of projects.


Keep in mind that if you wish to develop an app on several platforms, the price will definitely be higher


Finally, you must not only consider the platforms for which you want to develop the application. Within the various operating systems, there are different lines of products with different functionalities. This is one of the factors we tend to forget when defining a mobile app project. Yet, it has an influence on the price of the app. For example, the iOS spectrum includes the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6, having different software and characteristics. The objective is to create an app with performing graphics on each device to ensure optimal accessibility.

Cost of creating an app: Additional costs

In the budget for your mobile development project, you will need to include the expenses related to the marketing strategy. Similarly, administrative fees must be taken into account. The App Store and Google Play store do not allow you to sell your app free of charge. For iOS apps, the Apple App Store charges a fee of €80 euros per year. For Android apps, Google Play has a one-time fee of €20 euros. Data storage costs must also be taken into account in the financial plan forecast. Finally, do not forget the maintenance expenses, such as updates and bug fixes.

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Cost of developing an app depending on the type of application

Before an app developer can provide you with a precise quote for the price of your mobile app, you will need to define the functional specifications. The following indications can help to get an overall idea of the budget in case the app has to be developed from zero:

  • Marketplace app: between €20.000 and €40.000 euros. The price depends mostly on factors like the number of users, functionalities, and interactions between buyer and seller.
  • E-commerce app: between €25.000 and €35.000 euros. The price mostly depends on the number of products that will be sold via the app and the required admin software.
  • Mobile game: between €40.000 and €100.000 euros. The price mostly depends on the design and if the game is meant for a single or multiplayer.
  • Internal management app: between €25.000 and €40.000 euros. The price mostly depends on the number of possibilities to interact between employees and the admin (like signing contracts digitally or having a chat function).
  • Marketing app: between €10.000 and €20.000 euros. This could be an app to promote events for example.
  • Social network app: between €30.000 and €50.000 euros. The price mostly depends on the design, functionalities, and privacy + security software.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in March 2018 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.