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How to make an app? With this roadmap!

How to make an app? With this roadmap!

Are you wondering how to make an app? Do you have an idea but you simply don’t know where to start? Especially for you, Yeeply has developed a step-by-step guide to help you out.

An app development process can be divided into 6 steps that every entrepreneur or company has to go through. Let’s start with the first one to find out how to create an app!


How to make an app? Step 1: idea

Like any other successful product, service or company, everything once started with an idea. The incentive could be anything, from the need to solve a problem or help others. Perhaps your idea can improve your business processes or support customer service. Anyway, having an app idea is one but how do you know if it’s a good idea?

Therefore it’s recommended to ask yourself two questions:

  • How well does the app idea fit me?;
  • How well does the app idea fit the market?

You are the one who will make the app a success. It’s the people behind an app who convert an idea to a booming application, such as Jan Koum from Whatsapp and Evan Spiegel from Snapchat. So how great is your passion for your app idea? And how strong is your motivation to make it prosperous?

If you are enthusiastic, then the question is whether the idea also fits the market. Your target group has to like the idea too in order to make them download and use the app. You determine this by looking at how well your idea matches with people’s behaviour. Do you offer them a solution? And in which aspect is your app adding value?


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How to make an app? Step 2: objective

The second step is to determine your main objective. What do you want to achieve with an app? Why should you realise this idea?

In case your goal is to make money with your app, you will have to start creating a business plan. Think about strategies on how to monetize an app and how you are going to finance the project. If the finance needs to be recouped, it’s necessary to choose an earning model to make a profit.

However, most of the apps are developed to (eventually) make money with. But there can be other reasons e.g. supporting a company, optimising internal processes, help others, or save money. Whatever your idea is, make sure you know exactly what your main purpose is.


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How to make an app? Step 3: target group

Your target audience determines the success of your app in two ways:  

  • Whether they are going to use the app, which means there is a demand for it;
  • Whether the functionalities are user-friendly and convenient enough to keep the users satisfied

The three most common reasons for people to download a functional app is because it’s useful, fun, or because someone has recommended to use it. For mobile games, it generally works the same but is influenced by another additional reason: the critical mass. This means it’s important to have high rankings, ratings, and reviews in the app store. Unlike for functional apps, this is hardly of any importance.

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How to make an app? Step 4: concept 

At this stage, your idea, goals and target audience should be clear. The next step is to combine this with the advantages of mobile technology. This way you will get a strong concept for your app. Key factors to achieve this are based on the business plan, design, and technology.

For a booming app, you need to define why you are doing something, for which target audience, how much you are planning to make on it and who is going to develop the application.

Furthermore, people will love your app when they like to use it. This is determined by both the aesthetic appearance and ease of use. That’s why it’s wise to engage a certified designer who makes a thoughtful design that triggers users. In addition, the ease of use is also significant: an interface that is obvious and evokes no more than half a second of question marks.

The technique of an app, on the one hand, provides an app to works flawlessly, while on the other hand the innovative application of technology also offers possibilities. Think about the implementation of trending technologies like geofencing and beacons, Internet of Things (IoT), or augmented reality. Challenge yourself and think further than just a well-functioning app. Think out of the box and consider innovative technical solutions.


In case you need more help defining your concept, consider reading our guide: “How to write a mobile app project”.


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Image by Freestocks.org via Unsplash

How to make an app? Step 5: development

Once you know exactly what your app is going to look like, it’s time to find the adequate developer. It’s recommended to choose for a team of developers who are experienced and specialised in the kind of app you want to develop. As it’s not easy to find the right developer(s) yourself, you could make use of an online marketplace.

Yeeply, for example, is a premium marketplace for mobile development with a talent pool of qualified development teams. Outsourcing the development of your app to mobile developers is highly recommended when you don’t have the skills or knowledge to do it yourself.


So how does Yeeply work?

  • Define your project: describe your project as detailed as possible and receive a price estimation within 24 hours.
  • Accept the proposal: after the “matching algorithm “ finds a suitable developer, you will receive various proposals including the final price, delivery dates, functionalities, guarantee, and conditions. Accept and sign the one that meets your requirements.
  • Development of your project: a project manager from Yeeply will be responsible for moderating the entire development process. You will receive and evaluate partial deliveries until the end of the project.


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How to make an app? Step 6: launch

When the development process is completed, it’s time to launch the app. Keep in mind it is important to continue working on updates, new features, and improvement of the content. But how do you get people to download your app in the first place? And how can you use mobile marketing to make the app more attractive in the app store?

Here are a few tips to achieve this:

  • Find out who the early adaptors are, try to reach them and make sure they will be the ones who pass on the positive word-of-mouth advertisement to their social circles.
  • Communicate very clearly what the app’s functionality is. Why? Besides searching for the name of an app, users tend to look for apps based on functionality.
  • Add screenshots to clarify how the app works.
  • In case you are offering a paid app, try to provide the user with a free trial version first. This way people are more willing to try out your new app.
  • Use app indexing. The app store is not the only place where people are searching for apps based on their name or functionality. Google could be another source to get more downloads, so make sure you are visible.


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By following this step-by-step plan, you make sure you cover the essential parts to turn your idea into an application.

So what are you waiting for? Get your project done!

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