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How to turn a good idea into a mobile application

Mobile applications have integrated in to our lives, and for most people they have become tools to help carry out day-to-day activates. Whether it’s at work or outside of the professional environment. This can be from playing games on your smartphone all away to streaming real time content on to your device, or maybe just to keep up current trends by the means of Blinkfeed.

These actions have demonstrated the importance of mobile applications in the eyes of the user. Regardless of the functionality, everyday more and more applications are being published on to app stores, for all types of devices. Many companies have seen an opportunity in this market to grow their own business. But how do you design a successful app?

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10 Steps to define an idea for a mobile application

Follow these 10 series of steps that can help in shaping a final sketch of your idea for creating an app.

1. Ask people

This step can be helpful for two reasons. On the one hand, the feedback received from our family, friends and acquaintances may serve to give us ideas regarding the lack in inspiration. As a result you will have gained insight of your idea beforehand, however this is not quite convincing enough to release an application but it’s a good foundation to begin with.

2. Consider the needs

Clearly asking people “what they need”. It is as simple as that! Think about what features your application has that can be seen as use in the eyes of the user, and how their interaction with the application benefits you.

3. Competition

In the saturated field of mobile applications, you need to have an idea of what your competition is thinking. Therefore you should follow your competitors and observe how their decisions are impacting the market. Which can give an idea that is similar but better. Other terms such as key words that are positioned in different markets are also recommended to learn as this will help you differentiate yourself from your competition and also help tap into new markets.

4. The target audience

This element helps in the development stage of your application. The important thing is to target potential users of your application. Therefore you would target an audience that have access to a smartphone or tablet that can run your application. If you have been asking your family members or acquaintances for feedback, you should look deeply at the person who suggest the most interesting recommendations, such as their lifestyle, hobbies as this maybe the target audience you will be projecting your marketing campaigns towards. In addition you could also search for past reports that include infogrphics. This can be easily obtained through websites such as Visionmobile.com.

5. Multiplatform

We will not deny that developing an application for several operating systems can be tricky. But it is worth adding as the more platforms you cover the more users you arrive too, however it helps to know which platform is your potential users are on. Lets say your target audience is based on Android; it would probably be in your best interest to keep it as that rather than preparing a development for iOS or Windows; for now anyway.

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6. Squeeze the device

When we use the term squeeze we do not mean it literally. An application that consumes many resources of a device, results to slowing it down and costing a significant amount of battery life. Therefore you should be clear about the device functions, allowing the user to understand the outcomes of the installation. For example, an application that is very graphically complex as a video game or a photo-editing program can take screens with higher quality of high-end devices to be displayed in all its glory. The geolocation and camera along with other features are lacking in todays mobile application.

7. Gratuity payment

Perhaps this is one of the issues that most concern to those who desire to launch an application. Paying close attention to your competition could be useful when setting a price for your application. However if there’s a similar mobile application to yours that is free it is somewhat risky if yours cost money. Nevertheless if you do decide you want to sell you application then you should include additional features that your competitors are not implementing with their free apps. On the flip side of the argument lets say your rivals are charging users to download the application; you might think of this as an advantage and offer your application for free, and obviously to generate income from it you would want to integrate the application with ads that are related to your app and audience.

8. Time is against you

Time can be an enemy when developing the application you have designed. Ideally, the delay between the time of conception and the rise of the tool to the markets is not high enough. Therefore if the process takes too long, there may be another application that enters the market before you do with the same similarities to your application, meaning a cancellation to your differentiation on the rest.

Even if you have already developed your application and it is uploaded to various markets, the work is not over. There are other steps you can apply to track the performance of your application which can ultimately help guide your application to the top positions in mobile application stores.

9. Advertising

Introducing your application is critical if you want to see downloads. This can be carried effectively by post on social networks, making a new entry to your blog and explaining why people should download the application and what features it brings to the user. You see to advertise an application it does not have to be expensive, especially through social networking.

10. Feedback is important

You should analyse your comments and ratings that you application receives in different markets where application can be found. But you should reject the opinion of users only if it would cause disturbance in the market or the app its self.  But you should analyse your good and bad feedback as this can help you draw a conclusion, which would serve the users that gave the application a negative feedback whilst continuing to satisfy your users that gave your application a positive response.

As you can see, the success of a mobile application does not depend on luck. In fact there are many factors that influence the application and depending on the effort you carried out will determine the success. However, for now just think of a good idea for a mobile application.

Obviously, another key factor is the development of the application, however this will depend on the technical skills of the developer or programmer has. But what happens when you have a good idea and no developer? Have you got an application that could revolutionise the lives of many people, but have no developer to perform you ideas.

Finding a good developer is not easy, not to worry because Yeeply makes it easy for people like you. If you have a good initiative the shape you want your desired application to be, why not post your idea on our platform today, with more than 4,000 developers registered with us, expect offers to be made on the same day.

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