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How to use Your Smartphone?

Part of this mobile and technological explosion is due to the greater presence of mobile devices in all aspects of our daily life.

In fact, global smartphones have a penetration rate of 93%, according to a study from We Are Social. In this study, North America remains the prime geographical area for mobile device use but Europe is not far behind. Oddly enough, many smartphone users cannot conceive life without mobile devices in general, be it a smartphone or tablet.

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There are many ways in which these devices can change our way of seeing life and interacting with society, both personally and professionally. In this paper I will identify the various ways in which we use mobile devices:


M-commerce is a trend that is growing year on year. Online shopping is the current most widespread trend, but more businesses and online stores are choosing to develop m-commerce applications to facilitate customer purchases from mobile devices, whether it be smartphone or tablet.

In fact, large and small businesses opt to have an online presence. Big businesses use their online presence to facilitate purchasing decisions for the customers whereas smaller businesses use it keep low overheads e.g not having a physical room. In addition, shopping from mobile devices allows you to search products anywhere, at any time.

The case of Venca is an interesting one. The brand solely used clothes catalogues to market their products , but the brand has now been transformed into a company that is committed to innovation and was one of the first to offer a mobile app with a catalogue to contribute to sales. Companies like Amazon and Groupon are good examples of large companies that choose to develop m-commerce applications and derive much of their sales through this resulting in great traffic and greater engagement by the customer.

New ways of Communicating

A study from The App Date reveals that “96% [of smartphone users] prefer to use a messaging app in their daily communication before making a call”. For some time now the use of mobile devices has been coupled with mobile messaging applications this has led to the creation of a new paradigm of communication in which the text is king but shares the stage with voice notes, images, emoticons and videos.

The same applies to the 100s of e-mails that we receive, the vast majority of us consult our mobile devices rather than from the laptop or desktop. It is precisely for this reason that if you have a company and send out newsletters, it is imperative that they are compatible with mobile devices.

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Bearing in mind what was stated above concerning these new ways of communicating, whether between persons or companies with people and vice versa, it is vital to always remember that it is no longer simply sending a written message. We have at our disposal many ways to communicate, and we can take advantage of one or the other depending on the situation. Each mode of communication offers you and the receiver a different experience. For example there is a different outcome, when writing a really long email than to make a Skype conference through a tablet.

Similarly, social networks have become increasingly important as a means of communication. For example, in the study of We Are Social, it is suggested that the rate of penetration of social network already reaches 40% in Europe and more in some countries. Similarly, in the UK 85% of mobile users have a social network. Of this group, 51% of mobile users have a Facebook account, 11% own a Google+ account and 22% a Twitter profile. Undoubtedly, social networks are causing a change not only causing the medium to change, but also the message itself (Twitter restricted to 142 characters, with Facebook you can add video, images or links to information).

The Technology and Entertainment: Fun and Games

One of the most obvious possibilities and one that virtually everyone appreciates is the near limitless possibility of mobile device entertainment. Who has not downloaded a mobile game to pass the time while traveling? Do you remember the famous Snake?

Currently, the power of mobile devices is so powerful that it is able to support everything from plat formers, puzzle or even adventure type. Trends in mobile games are varied, but there are also many other types of entertainment apps, such as processing and editing, music or movies, which eventually ends up downloaded on the device.

Working on Multiple Devices

On average, a Brit spends about 4 hours 6 minutes a day on the Internet, of which one hour and 34 minutes of these internet related activities are performed from a mobile device, according to the study of We Are Social.

In the workplace Internet is of great importance, especially because of the continuous trend towards globalization and the quest for online reputation. In addition, the need to work from virtually anywhere, from conferences, from transportation, etc. Makes it necessary to have working tools on mobile devices.

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You can also saving projects and documents in the cloud makes it necessary to access the Internet from anywhere, and often a specific application is needed to access them. It is increasingly common to have to access the same information from the office, but also from the home computer or from our Smartphone. Dropbox or Google Drive are good examples of such tools.

Digital Tickets

Online shopping, also includes features that are being implemented in the field of entertainment. It’s been about two years to since we’ve been able to enter a show or cinema without a physical ticket, we can now download the entry into our mobile and submit the code at the entrance.

Passbook or PassWallet applications allow you to collect tickets, but also train tickets, eg AVE. With this system we never have to forget printing the ticket or leaving it at home, always take with us on our mobile. It is also friendlier to the environment, as it saves unnecessarily wasting paper.

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Education being linked to the use of mobile learning is a topic that has been touched upon many times in the Yeeply blog. For example we have previously mentioned the possibilities of Augmented Reality in education, and we made a list of the 6 best educational apps for children.

The truth is more than what we think. In schools it increasingly common to see children learning with tablets. Not only children can benefit from mobile devices, but adults too: doctors, entrepreneurs, professors, experts, etc. From e-books for entertainment to reporting and more complicated works like a thesis. Moreover, thanks to this technology, learning does not always have to come from textbooks, but anyone can learn with the appropriate applications. For example, Arbolapp is an app thanks to CSIC and the Royal Botanic Gardens with which we can learn to identify trees.

Keeping up to Date

Another widespread use of mobile devices is to search for current information. This can be achieved regardless of downloaded applications through the browser. For example, the use of mobile devices to search for routes, how to get to a destination (maps using geolocation in the mobile app), information on restaurants (The Fork), on local businesses (Yelp) or simply to consult the dictionary (Wordrefence, Rae), recipes, newspapers (The New York Times), etc.

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It seems clear that mobile devices have a place in almost every aspect of our lives. The case is knowing how to reconcile the balance to always serve as support in our daily life and work. Why not use mobile devices to make life easier?

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