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How the Pandemic is Affecting the Digital Transformation of Businesses

How the Pandemic is Affecting the Digital Transformation of Businesses

If someone had asked you a year ago who was carrying out the digitalisation of your company, you probably would have answered: “the CEO” or “the IT officer”.

What if they asked you today? 77% of companies would be answering “COVID-19”.

In a world where human contacts are limited, a digital transformation can offer you endless possibilities, both in terms of efficiency and engagement with your customers.

Among the most disparate examples are banks that have started to provide many online services, schools, which have turned to digital lessons in a short time, and grocery stores, which have started to provide home delivery services.

Therefore, COVID-19 is not only pushing companies to digitalise but is also significantly accelerating the transformation process that many had already started. 

On the other hand, consumers are also significantly changing their buying habits. The threat of future lockdowns and the fear of being infected are major factors affecting both the B2C and B2B sectors.

Here are some data that show us the global impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on companies.


infografic digitalisation and covid-19


It’s known that when companies are quick to react to this kind of disruptive periods, the outcome can have a great impact. Based on this, the current situation can be an opportunity to improve and emerge powerfully in your industry.

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