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Lotaris the leading in-app purchasing solution for developers

Today our developers discovered and analysed Lotaris, which provides a complete in-app purchasing service for developers, providing them with a free service to monetize with ease across multiple Android and Windows stores. It sounds great, isn’t it?

For app stores like Google Play (where policy allows), Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Opera Mobile Store, SlideME and GetJar, Lotaris in-appCommerce operates a store independent checkout service that supports multiple payment methods including Credit Cards, PayPal and Mobile Operator Billing across 80 countries.

Starting with the Google Play Store in November and followed by the Amazon and Samsung app stores, Lotaris in-appCommerce will also support the checkout services of the major app stores. Instead of learning and integrating with the in-app purchasing API of each individual store, Lotaris in-appCommerce provides developers with an easy way to develop their apps and games so that one API will work with the checkout services of all the major stores.

Lotaris’ services are dedicated to large enterprise software vendors, independent developers and game publishers. Via a self-service portal, they provide developers with a seamless solution that allows developers to take control of all steps of their in-app monetization process, allowing them to maximize the potential of their app.

“Lotaris has a history of servicing large software vendors like Symantec and Capcom, helping them monetize their in-app purchasing across millions of unique end users. However given the demand from the market, we are opening Lotaris in-appCommerce to all Android and Windows developers, supporting everyone from Indies to the large development houses”, says Ian Ho, Director of Business Development.

To all developers on the Yeeply platform, we saved the best for the last. If you decide to start now with Lotaris in-appCommerce you will keep 100% of your revenues for 90 days, and they guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the services, you can always revert to very easily to what you were using previously.  So why not give it a try?

For more information, please visit www.lotaris.com/overview

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