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Being a mobile developer: the road to double success in advertising!


The quality of an application is no longer enough to guarantee success of it. The victory is, today, a combination of excellence and discretion. Discretion, yes. Because the user wants to download the app for free and use it without advertising that will constantly bother them in values the experience of use.

Meanwhile, being a mobile developer is though, that’s why they are aware of this concern and know they must be combined with the need to monetize their applications to be profitable. They seek, therefore, the so-called double success: the user ability to navigate with ease and pleasure in an application for which they have not paid, while the developer gets the benefit of advertisers who have chosen to apply to advertise.

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A meeting point in Mobeleader

The meeting point between the needs of users and mobile developers is a platform that has the support of the best advertisers while being integrated into the application easily and without falling into intrusiveness brands. This is Mobeleader, the solution for mobile developers from Beleader. Beleader has a history of more than a decade in direct marketing on the Internet, allowing you to integrate this new platform in the mobile universe with remarkable success.

The operation of this stands out for its simplicity. Sponsoriza the advertiser, always select Mobeleader application related brands with the theme of the app. The user performs a free download from their usual market and begins their experience by starting an advertising campaign application (CPM or CPC) that disappears and then reappears instead of being displayed throughout the life of the app. During the other sessions, the user will see ad campaigns (CPD and CPL) minimized on the screen, accompanying navigation, never intruding. The user accommodates this and the efficiency is multiplied.

Success for campaigns

Campaigns yield results in real time for both advertisers, professionals and mobile developers can instantly see www.beleader.com. Among its services, integrating features like push alerts give added value to the application. And soon, the developer will be able to survey your users to test and to manage improvements continuously.

Mobeleader does not require exclusive mobile developers, they can use other advertising platforms if they wish. Another advantage is allowing them to stand out from the rest. If you want to benefit from your apps through the insertion of advertising, you just have to contact the team Beleader, via phone 902 540 025 or via email contacto@mobeleader.com. Do not forget to mention Yeeply as a reference and you will enter the special plan Beleader has prepared to help mobile developers to monetize their applications. Also, if you want a more personalized plan, you only need to send a file by specifying the number of prints per format and the countries to which you want to reach.

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