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The 10 most in demand IT jobs as companies rebuild after COVID-19

The 10 most in demand IT jobs as companies rebuild after COVID-19

Even though the COVID-19 crisis has meant a pretty serious lockdown for many companies, hiring has not been put on hold in some industries. The current need to enable teleworking (a.k.a. telecommuting) as a way to avoid having to discontinue business activities is the main reason behind this.

Technology is one of the fields where hiring has not been put on hold. We’ll now review the top 10 IT jobs in demand by companies to cope with the new reality that is looming after the global coronavirus pandemic.

10 IT profiles booming in the post-COVID-19 ‘new normal’

The IT industry has been the epitome of widespread teleworking for a long time already. This approach represents a competitive edge over companies from other industries that have had to improvise to bulldoze telecommuting through.

In this new scenario, all new hirings must have — besides the IT skills in demand and regardless of their position — a series of cross-curricular skills and abilities, such as enough creativity, resilience, and emotional intelligence to know how to adapt to changes and be able to work effectively in a distributed team. In addition to this, certain profiles are on the rise as hiring is concerned. Let’s now review the 10 most in-demand IT jobs in the post-COVID-19 ‘new normal’.

« Please note that the following IT profiles are not ranked from highest to lowest demand. »

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IT Manager / CTO

The IT Manager or CTO (Chief Technical Officer) profile has unveiled itself as one of the most important positions in the post-COVID-19 era. He/she is the person responsible for establishing an IT strategy in line with the company’s business objectives.

At the same time, the IT Manager or CTO must manage the IT team, analyse the technological solutions available on the market and choose which ones are going to be incorporated in the company. He/she must also be the one who manages, attracts, and retains the company’s technological talent. Hence, this role is more important than ever at a time when technology is essential to keep a company running.

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Cybersecurity Analyst

Expertise in cybersecurity is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand IT skills. The demand for this tech profile had already been building up since the entry into force of the EU’s GDPR, which had businesses make an effort to further ensure correct data processing and security.

The current need to keep teams distributed entails that Cybersecurity Analysts are in great demand to ensure that the entire team’s communication and work remain confidential and safe from cyber threats.

Business Intelligence Consultant (BI Consultant)

In an uncertain environment like the current one, Business Intelligence Consultant is another of the IT jobs in demand. These professionals are responsible for evaluating the company’s stance within the market, reviewing its business plans, and considering different market scenarios to be able to adapt business plans to meet theoretical new needs.

Being able to rely on a Business Intelligence Consultant helps companies stay one step ahead of their rivals. And what’s more important: in the current scenario, it may make the difference between surviving and petering out.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineers

The manufacturing industry has already been heading towards production automation for a long time. Therefore, experts in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are highly sought after at a time when there’s no cut and run from having to be as efficient as possible to be competitive.

These developers use Big Data to train models involved in natural language processing, economic forecasting, image recognition, etc.

IoT Engineers

Another of the IT jobs in demand, especially in the manufacturing industry, is that of engineers specialised in the IoT (Internet of Things). The IoT involves devices like sensors or even machines as a whole that are connected to the Internet and transmit industrial output data.

These data enable carrying out real-time predictions and analyses. IoT Engineers master, therefore, some of the most in-demand IT skills at a time when companies are looking forward to process automation and need to reduce the number of people required to work simultaneously due to the pandemic-driven necessity for keeping social distance.


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Software Engineer / Apps Developer

Software Engineers are among the IT jobs in demand that have always been sought after. It’s a versatile position, which can be aimed at software development as such or at specialising in iOS and/or Android mobile application development.

Be that as it may, software is present in all industries one way or another, so companies always need the services rendered by these professionals to remain competitive, attract or retain their customers, and continue to improve the services they provide through their mobile apps.


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DevOps Engineer

Akin to the software engineer, the DevOps Engineer position ranks among the most in-demand tech jobs. These professionals check software’s code versions to ensure that everything works smoothly and ensure the software is developed correctly.

DevOps Engineers must detect if any of the software’s parts are inefficient, locate them and edit them if necessary. As with other technology profiles, it’s quite common for the DevOps engineer to work remotely, so adapting to telecommuting should pose no challenge to him/her.

Digital Transformation Consultant

With the pressing need for self-isolation and social distancing, many companies who were falling behind as to their digital transformation have understood the importance of digitalising their business.

Hence, it’s only natural that Digital Transformation Consultant is currently one of the most demanded profiles. These professionals help companies adapt to the new situation, reformulate internal processes, and adapt their activities to the digital age.


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SEO/SEM Consultant

We’d like to stress the importance of Digital Transformation even further: many companies in the retail industry now depend on their online activities and need to boost their positioning and on-line advertising strategies to increase their visibility.

Moreover, many companies have capitalised on the self-isolation and lockdown measures in place to launch or enhance their e-commerce apps and websites in record time.

Currently, as lockdown-easing measures spread, these companies need their on-line sales to act as an upthrust until their physical store turnover eventually recovers. This is the reason behind SEO and SEM consultants being now among the most sought-after profiles.


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Data Scientist

Companies are collecting more and more data. Just think about digital marketing automation or manufacturing processes related to the Internet of Things — only to name a couple of examples. This is the reason why it’s ever more important for companies to have data science experts that collect, sort, and present well-groomed data that enable making informed decisions on aspects such as their output, customers’ behaviour, or the market in general.


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