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Piotr Podbielski: “Mobile application, the clue for SMEs to succeed”

Piotr Podbielski,  responsible for mobile marketing in GlobalGSM in Poland, tells us a few words about the mobile application market. As a community manager, mobile technologies blogger and a positioning expert, he has quite a wide knowledge about the topic.

Piotr Podbielski Global GSM

1. As a blogger dedicated also to mobile marketing and mobile applications, what do you think about the evolution of this sector in the next several years?

Every time there are more and more mobile apps and in my opinion this number will grow dynamically every year. Mobile phones are having better and better technologies and the developers use them skilfully in their apps. A good example is Near Field Communication technology which is used not only for mobile payments but in the future it will be also used to improve device operation (e.g. printers) or house controlling. This all of course thanks to the use of applications.

 2. Concerning the mobile application market, what do you think is missing? 

Nowadays there are plenty of apps available at marketplaces so it is difficult to say it unambiguously. Observing the Polish market, I can admit that they focus on mobile games. An instance may be a successful, also internationally, game called “Real Boxing” made by Vivid Games studio from Bydgoszcz, or a simple but aesthetic one, “Can Knockdown” by Infinite Dreams Inc. In my opinion it would be nice to find a business or educational mobile application implemented by Poles.

“For sure there are many freelancers waiting for the success of one of their projects, thanks to what they will earn enough money to open an own business”

3. What is your opinion about Polish app developers? What are their opportunities to get new jobs or projects?

Polish developers look for new opportunities mainly abroad and I totally agree with it, these are the chances given by the Internet. Polish apps that have got popularity so far were implemented developers employed in companies or agencies. For sure there are many freelancers waiting for the success of one of their projects, thanks to what they will earn enough money to open an own business. I hope they will achieve it.

 4. Let’s talk about GlobalGSM blog. What do you focus on? Which part of your content is dedicated to mobile apps?

GlobalGSM blog was created not so long ago and it has been developing all the time. We try to write there about curiosities associated with GSM themes. One of the category is obviously mobile apps. I write about these ones that I like most or find them useful. Perhaps one day I will be able to create a new category, dedicated to Polish apps created thanks to Yeeply.

mobile application

5. And now a few words about Yeeply. What do you think about our mission? Do you know similar platforms?

I find Yeeply a great platform that makes it easier for the customers and developers to co-work. It is also a place where Polish developers can get foreign projects, that means better paid ones. Working in such a way is a good opportunity for everyone to earn some extra money and currently it is also a way to earn for a living.

6. How would you convince a SME to develop the company through mobile marketing?

I think there is no need to convince entrepreneurs about the power of the Internet and the fact that more and more people surf it using mobiles and tablets. Mobile webs or apps will become obligatory soon for the companies which want the sale of their products or services grow continuously. As far as I know, even Google browser introduce changes to their browsing algorithm. The websites with no mobile version will notice decreases in the most popular browser.

 7. What recommendation would you give to mobile application developers who are keen on getting new projects?

The best and the most competitive place to get new projects is the Internet. Such platforms as Yeeply decidedly facilitate the searching of projects young developers, as they concentrate in one place the clients and the contractors. Client’s satisfaction with the results and positive comments improve the possibility to get more orders in the future. That is why, when choosing projects, the developer must be sure that he will be able to meet the client’s requirements.

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