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Reasons to improve the App Store Optimization before publishing an app


You’ve finished developing and testing your app to uncover possible errors. You are − or should be − a perfectionist and do not allow any error to remain prowling around in your app. Your app is now ready to go. Everything is ready to go. Publishing it is now the only thing that remains to do!

Well… nope. There is still one more step left. We’ll be now discussing something that is not related to programming but is nevertheless necessary to get your ‘little one’ ready for the market! Let’s focus then on App Store Optimization (ASO). Without ASO, your app is naked and vulnerable. Picture Samson without hair: his strength is lost. Your app will have no ‘strength’ in the market without ASO and may get lost among those 2 million apps – a figure that increases day by day − that currently exist.

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This might happen regardless of whether it’s your own app or an app you’ve developed for a customer. At the end of the day, your mobile application should have an attractive name, a luring icon, good screenshots and a decent description. And this is only the visible part. What if the customer does not really understand how ASO works but wants to carry it out himself? Don’t forget that the application is YOUR product. So, why not try to ensure that it enjoys a nice finishing touch? If it were a website, we would adapt the text and images sent to us to a web format, right? Why should we not do the same for a mobile app? You just have to analyse the customer, the environment and the rivals in the industry thoroughly and get started…

On the other hand, if it was our own application, why should we not want it to stand out in the market?


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Why is app store optimization so important then?

  1. It’s a way to stand out from your rivals in the industry. A million applications have already been developed for Apple’s market and a million more for Android (data from October 2013 and January 2014, respectively). By optimising your application you have more chances of being ahead of your rivals in the industry. Interesting, is it not?
  2. You can do it yourself. App store optimization is not complex. You only have to know which parameters you have to monitor. You can get impressive results if you have a good designer at hand − the same one who designed the app. Carry on reading this post to learn more on how to create an optimised mobile app with ASO.
  3. You can charge the app store optimization service separately if the app has been developed for a customer. It’s needless to say that you should explain the need for ASO to the customer. Besides, you can always include it as a portion of the app’s development budget (in the same way as conceptualisation, design and development).
  4. It makes your app more visible in the market. Each person seeks new applications in his own way but we must abide to the fact that most look out for apps by navigating within the stores. We are interested in being well positioned in the results shed by these searches, right? Well, we can achieve this through app store optimization.
  5. Last but not least… you can increase the number of downloads and thus your revenue (or meet other targets that your application may have more amply). This is the most direct and important consequence of becoming visible in the store.

Are you already convinced of ASO’s importance?

Maybe not yet? Well just wait then for our next post, in which we’ll give you the knack to find the best keywords to make you stand out from your rivals in the industry. You will see the results right after measuring the effect of the work done. And by using these app analytics you’ll be able to keep on improving your app.

Please contact us if you wish to obtain more information on app store optimization, the training we offer in this area or our related services.

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