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Success Story: Family Team

Family Team is a game developed for a family environment, which is focused on iPad

Getting the whole family involved in household chores is often complicated. The Family Team app designed by Juice, for tablets offers a unique gamification commitment to all family members by turning house work into a game. Yeeply was entrusted to make this vision a reality and now it can be downloaded for iOS and Android tablets respectively.

Juice is a company dedicated to providing solutions to businesses and individuals who want to achieve their goals through mobile applications. After learning the operation of Yeeply’s platform, they decided to create a Family Team game for receiving, monitoring and personalised attention purposes.

The initial purpose of Family Team is to motivate family members to participate in household chores through game play. The app is available as a free trial on the iOS and Android market as well as a payable premium version. The application will be available for iPad in the near future, and also aimed to be develop on the Android platform. The launch strategy of the application will focus on optimising the download rate of the app and increase engagement of future users at the same time.

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Although juice has not worked with a platform like Yeeply before, this did not cause any obstructions. In fact, thanks to the great work from our technical team, clients are able to navigate, publish projects on our platform and find developers with no hassle. This is how Family Team was transformed into one of Yeeply’s success stories.

Yeeply’s website has an online chat where you can see all the questions that arise when using the site. In addition the area where projects are posted; on the right of the screen you can find a series of frequently asked questions posed by users, such as describing the idea or how you can protect your confidentiality.

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