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The 5 Star Sectors for Augmented Reality Today

The potential of Augmented Reality is evident, as we understand how it works. Adding details and additional information to the reality that surrounds us with information with a simple technological device that can bring us a lot in many areas of our daily life.

In fact, people have been developing activities and campaigns that are based on the use of augmented reality in various sectors. Especially for those where visual component is important such as advertising and tourism.

New possibilities for Tourism with Augmented Reality  

As a substitute to heavy paper guidebooks, augmented reality offers us another way to see the world around us. Besides being able to access all applications with geolocation, book tickets to events, shows and museums or with hotel accommodation for the night, with the RA we can hope to experience even more than ever!

Augmented Reality in Tourism

Obtaining additional information from the environment in which we live in will be an ideal complement for the holidays, for the history of the place or even label the most interesting elements located in the area captured by the camera of the smartphone or tablet.

AR education

The education sector is one segment that can benefit from this Augmented Reality. As we discussed in a previous article on the potential of Augmented Reality in Education, this technique allows you to create a new mixed reality and encourages students to investigate all aspects and possible perspectives on a subject.

A step towards future medicine

 The possibility in the field of medicine is endless. The ability to assess test results with a 3D app or RA can be a structural change in the methods of diagnosis. Even application can comfort surgery, for example additional information about the patient without having to look away, for example heartbeat, blood pressure and other relevant medical data in the operation.

Realidad Aumentada medicina
Augmented Reality in Medicine

In fact, the European Space Agency has developed a device for astronauts in space, they can now self-diagnose or even operate if necessary.

 Reconstructing the architecture 

 In the field of construction and architecture, augmented reality has applications for day-to-day activities, especially in the development phase of projects. It is used to help advance and complete work before additional work is added on. The applications are diverse, from presenting a complex all the way to a building complex with all the details; giving insight to their customers and showing different finishes of the same model. A good example of this type of application is Acrossair.

 A new tool for advertising and marketing

Virtually try on clothing or see a spot on a wall in the street. The visual potential, the possibilities of interaction make an attractive presentation on the development of Augmented Reality applications in an industry with a future. The chances of promoting and selling the brand with this technique are so broad. This is now seen as unique tool to develop new techniques to advertisers.

A whole new range of possibilities in this sector is characterised by having to be continually renewing and reinventing, and is forced to keep surprising the customer continually open. A good example to use in marketing is the Ikea app. Below is a video of Ikea鈥檚 app demonstrating Augmented Reality.

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