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Why should my business have a website and how to create it?

Why should my business have a website and how to create it?

Creating a mobile app for your company and a business model to monetise it are topics that we have been discussing a lot about. However, you may not yet be considering such a thing because your company still lacks a website. So, let’s address this question: Why should my business have a website? There is no doubt that developing a website is more urgent for companies that still don’t have one than taking a direct leap into mobile development.

Every company is a world on its own, but in Yeeply we like to give honest advice and suggestions. So we’ll let you know if what you need in the first place is a website instead of an app. Where to start?

To prevent you from having a headache, we want to make the reasons why you should bet on websites for companies and businesses very clear. Let’s first have a look at these reasons and make sure that you will be getting what you need. Then, we’ll see how to create websites for companies from scratch.

Reasons for creating a website for your company

There are plenty of reasons and particular situations in which creating a website for your company is a great idea. We’ll now summarise the main advantages it entails. So let’s ask ourselves: Why should my business have a website? The following are reasons why you should develop a website first.

  • Online reputation. The first reason to create a website for your company is to build on an online reputation. There has been a huge buzz over the last years revolving around the idea that if something is not on the Internet it doesn’t exist. This has proved to be especially true now that we carry smartphones in our pockets and can quickly consult virtually anything. Creating a website for your company will increase your company’s credibility and brand image.
  • Introducing your services. It’s also a good way of introducing your services and/or products in detail. And a good showcase for your company as well, regardless of whether it’s of digital nature or has a physical location.
  • Acquiring new customers and generating sales. Attracting new customers through the Internet, making yourself known and even enhancing sales (with an e-commerce store, for instance) are certainly good options.

Regarding what we have been discussing, having a website is still more important than developing an app for many companies. Even if the data available indicates that users spend more time on the Internet on their mobile devices and searching for information on their smartphones, conversion rates still occur within the ‘desktop realm’. The app trends for 2020 show that conversion rates are higher for computers than for mobile devices.

The first step towards creating your website

Well, once we’ve answered the question “why should my business have a website?” let’s create a website to help your company grow. The first step will be defining properly what we are going to do with our website, what content it will have, which kind of website it will be and which technology we will be using.

Depending on our company and our resources, we will opt for one kind of technology or another to develop our company’s website. Owning a small online store is not the same as owning a large marketplace managing hundreds of users.

Tools and technologies for creating your company’s website

As we said before, choosing the appropriate technology is essential when it comes to creating a company’s website. We must take into account which kind of website we want for our company to be able to make an educated choice. It will suffice with certain technologies if we just want a static website with a blog, and we will have to opt for other technologies if what we want is an online store. Let’s get started…

tool logos for creating websites

Creating your website with WordPress

WordPress is a simple and quick way for creating a website. We have currently many templates at our disposal that can fit nicely with our company’s needs. However, customising your WordPress website is highly recommended.

One in four websites is made with WordPress, which means that many sites may look like the template they’re based on and you sure want to distinguish yourself from your rivals in the industry.

Along these lines, it’s a wise choice to have a WordPress programmer or a website designer with specialist knowledge in this tool.

Relying on Woocommerce or Prestashop

Or relying on any other tool for online stores such as Magento or Shopify. These are online store management tools that can be classified according to your store’s volume and its specifications.

They are certainly the best tools if you have an online store, and the easiest way to upload and delete products and to control your website’s SEO and its most promotional aspects.

There are many other tools that you can use to create your website, of course. You can take a quick look at them in this interesting article by Rohit Uttamchandani.

Customised website development

You will need to rely on customised website development if your corporate website requires precise specifications and actions that cannot be achieved with this kind of tools. In these cases, it’s important to have a technological partner to carry it out — even more important than in the two previous cases.

This way you can have a web developer and also website design experts for defining a single website. And all of them oriented towards achieving your goals.

Please contact us once you’re clear about the question “Why should my business have a website?” At Yeeply, we’ll help you carry out your project, whether you need a customised WordPress, a simple Prestashop, or a custom development process. And whether it’s already under way or you are starting it from scratch. We have experience in the website development industry and we know how to create corporate websites for companies like yours.

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