No company would survive without clients who trust in it. That's why Yeeply is trying the utmost to win your trust. To prove this, you can take a look at some reviews of our clients, including: opinions, testimonials and success stories.

Great companies trust in us...

We develop and offer technological solutions for large brands and multinationals of any industry. Every project we carry out, requires the highest level of demand and quality.

...but startups and small to medium enterprises too

Our mission is to offer services and solutions adapted to any type of company, regardless of its size. Small companies are as demanding as any other client and have other needs, but as a startup we are very comfortable working with them.


Success stories


LaLiga Fantasy

The only official soccer manager of La Liga, with a real-time scores system.

Achievement of 1.5M downloads

iOS, Android, Windows Phone

LaLiga Fantasy


Development of new features of Aquaservice's Apps. Aquaservice is the leading company for water distribution in Spain.

iOS, Android, Web



An advertising and sports draws application for Panini, in collaboration with soccer brand La Liga Spain and the car brand Mazda.

Achievement of +150K downloads

iOS, Android, Web



The app HERE&NOW was designed and promoted by the Secretary of Tourism in Mexico City, to offer customised tourist suggestions.

Achievement of +100K downloads

iOS, Android, Web


What do our clients say?

“Yeeply has worked (and continues to work) on several projects with La Liga. The experience of their team contributed to the launch of our app projects with a high quality defenition of the project, follow up and time management results.”
“Yeeply added flexibility and speed to the development of our water and coffee delivery project. Their commitment, ability to adapt, and contribution to fulfilling our requirements, helped us to be more efficient and agile.”
Daniel Vicente
Daniel Vicente
La Liga
Mobile & Gaming Manager
Oscar Tamarit
Oscar Tamarit

Most common questions

Do you provide your services to private individuals?

Yeeply is an exclusive platform, focused on the development and assistance of technological projects for companies of any size and sector. However, Yeeply has no problem working for individuals who demonstrate having a serious project and funding to carry it out.

I work for an agency, how can I hire Yeeply?

Yeeply has been working with several kind of agencies for many years. Most of them entrust their projects to us because we can work for their end customers with a white label. Besides, we are able to offer competitive prices and provide the best team of professionals to realise your project requirements.

How many and what kind of projects has Yeeply carried out?

From the beginning, Yeeply has carried out over 400 development projects around the world. With clients ranging from large companies to small startups.

How is it possible that Yeeply is able to offer a great price-quality ratio compared to other development companies?

Yeeply's prices are on one side based on the outsourcing of the project which means that it´s possible to let a team work remotely on your project. On the other side, there is the amount of new projects coming in frequently which allows us to offer our developers enough work to be in the position to offer more competitive prices to our clients. For our teams we are like an outsourced business unit that allows them to focus on technical tasks and reduce their marketing, sales and administrative costs.


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