Yeeply is not a typical development company. We differentiate ourselves in technology and information at our disposal, to improve our internal processes and offer the best high-tech solutions at lowest cost.

What distinguishes us?

It's important to understand the main differences between working with Yeeply and working with a development company, agency or directly with an IT expert.

Quality/ satisfaction94%50%70%70%
Time before starting the projectImmediately1-3 months2-4 weeks2-4 weeks
Amount of resourcesUnlimitedVery limitedLimitedLimited
Final costMedium/ lowHighMedium/ lowHigh
Technical control of the projectHighLowHighMedium
Relationship with the clientHigh-LowHigh
Know-how technologyHighMedium/ lowHighMedium/ low
Multi-lingual supportYes-NoNo

A different platform that truly adds value

We strive to bring order and dicipline into a technological sector that is often difficult to understand. We distinguish ourselves from other companies by promising different values, explained in the 8 following points:

High quality

Our experts are certified in various technologies and programming languages, and have worked on various projects and functions. We only assign projects to them that are matching their expertise and skills.

Technical control of the project

The projects are monitored by a Project Manager, who is responsible for managing the project on technical level and ensuring that deadlines are met.

Time before starting the project

It will only take a few days to determine the key points of the project in order to start developing it as soon as possible.

Relationship with the client

We believe in building a strong relationship with our clients and have meetings and negotiatons that are not just technical but also meant to achieve better results and work experiences.

Availability of resources

We never run out of resources. Many companies with multiple projects prefer to work with us than look for an alternative supplier.

Know-how technology

After completing over 400 projects, our experience and knowledge has extended over the years. This enables us to provide a broad vision at technical level and several business levels to a project.

Final cost

Thanks to our experience and optimisation of our processes, we can reduce our costs and ensure our clients they are investing their money well.

Multi-lingual support

Our sales assistants are able to speak a total of 6 different languages which makes it easier to manage international projects.

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