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Do you want to improve your business efficiency and don’t know where to start?

Our EPM SaaS solutions for planning, analysis and reporting enable SMEs to better plan and evaluate their objectives and execution.

What EPM SaaS solutions can do for your business

Plan, analyse and report in a single integrated EPM SaaS solution.

EPM solutions provide reliable enterprise-wide data and enable you to increase efficiency and improve business planning processes.



Efficient business management requires linking the data flow of operational processes of all business units. You will be able to get an overview of the whole company.



Thanks to the data integration provided by the EPM solution, your company will be able to prepare, structure and make it comparable in order to benefit from it in its business management.



The flexibility of an EPM SaaS solution allows perfect integration of models into the standardized solution as well as customization if necessary.



Increase the growth opportunities of your company thanks to innovative technologies such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Key features of EPM SaaS solutions

in-memory performance epm

In-Memory Performance


Visualization, reporting and dashboards

Real-time calculations epm

Real-time calculations and data synchronization


Intuitive data modeling

unique solution

Single point of truth

More accurate planning in less time

More accurate planning in less time


Governance, risk and compliance (GRC)

integrated epm solutions

Flexible data integration

predictive analytics

Predictive analytics

Statistical models with AI

Statistical models with AI

data and user security

Data and user security

Financial control and management through EPM

EPM solutions represents a special advantage for Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A).

Effectively manage accounting, analyze real-time data and align your strategic, financial and operational objectives.

Planning, Budgeting and Forecast

  • Optimization of planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • More efficient planning
  • Rapid response to deviations for increased resilience and agility
  • Automation of recurring processes to gain speed and reduce errors

Analysis and Reporting

  • Add value to your processes with efficient and effective reporting and analysis
  • Acceleration of the reporting process thanks to automated standard reportsautomatizados
  • Increased efficiency and detailed analysis

Excel +

  • Help your company take the next step towards digital transformation without abandoning Excel.
  • Native Excel interface
  • High user adoption
  • Instant connection to your existing systems


  • Increased transparency and clarity in business performance management
  • Acceleration of processes through automation
  • Error reduction
  • Storage of qualitative and quantitative data

Control and manage the performance of your business

In addition to Finance, other departments can benefit from improved business management.

EPM solutions ensure much faster and simpler automated planning and forecasting processes.

Optimize your sales funnel thanks to EPM

With an EPM solution, sales targets can be monitored and adjusted in real time by the team, restructuring or making a sales funnel more effective.

Your sales team will be able to plan and control the funnel with a more active, collaborative and data-driven approach.

optimize sales funnel thanks to epm

Get an integrated view of your marketing actions and campaigns.

You will be able to adapt campaigns quickly and easily with consolidated reports and performance data. Your marketing team will be able to make decisions in a more agile and efficient way.

integrated epm marketing

Improve the management of your team

Thanks to EPM software solutions, your HR team will be able to define objectives and compare them in real time with the data flow generated by other departments, as well as forecast your budget planning.

HR epm

Increase control over the costs of your supply network

Optimize your company’s costs thanks to EPM solutions. Increase productivity thanks to real-time data and a greater ability to react to suppliers and their prices.

supply chain enterprise performance management

Plan your strategy, prepare reports, obtain budgets, scenarios and simulations, analysis and forecasts.

Our EPM SaaS solution provides a flexible solution that unifies data into a single source of information, automates repetitive processes and provides artificial intelligence to increase your accuracy.

Our EPM SaaS solution frees up time for deeper, more strategic analysis to help improve long-term business performance through automation and collaboration for more accurate planning and forecasting.

Key EPM benefits for your business


  • Planning processes automation and consolidation
  • Reporting
  • Elimination of manual errors during the process
  • Scheduling of month-end reports


time saving
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Teams have more time to perform tasks of strategic value to the company.


  • Integrated planning
  • Improved collaboration between different departments


  • Unification of all your data sources
  • Creation of a joint analysis and reporting base


  • Creation of comprehensive management reports
  • Quick response to specific issues with concrete data and analysis


epm better decision making
  • Simulations and scenario analysis
  • Better and faster decisions in a rapidly changing environment

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1. What is Enterprise Performance Management?

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a term commonly used to describe the processes and solutions required for enterprise management. EPM generally refers to business planning based on feedback and data integration to improve the performance and efficiency, primarily financial, of an organization.

An EPM solution includes the following management processes:

  • Budgeting, planning, forecasting
  • Modeling the value creation of an enterprise
  • Consolidation of results
  • Performance analysis

Companies implement EPM solutions so that different departments benefit, from Finance to Sales to Human Resources, Marketing and Supply.

There are several synonyms for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM): Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Business Performance Management (BPM) and Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A).

2. EPM Software

EPM Software can be applied to all systems, processes, activities and reports of an organization based on the use of data to plan future decisions.

In many companies the use of the Excel tool is still predominant for data collection and validation, as well as for budgeting, forecasting and reporting activities. These processes are time consuming and manual errors can occur, leaving the people in charge of these tasks to devote most of their time to meeting only the basic needs of the organization. Thus, they have no time left for other tasks that bring more value to the company.

Look into the future with the ability to create forecasts based on real analysis.

Initially, EPM was only used by finance departments. Since then, it has expanded considerably and has been designed for use in many of the departments that make up the company and can be successfully applied within the framework of integrated business planning.


Modern EPM software supports organization-wide functionality and can also be used as an extension tool to augment the power of business intelligence systems. It provides the ability to plan, budget and forecast using dashboards to display key organizational data.

EPM software helps companies increase efficiency by eliminating or extending spreadsheets and improving planning processes. 

3. The future of EPM: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Automation.

Traditionally, EPM solutions have focused on moving financials from spreadsheets to more robust solutions that allow teams to spend less time on low-value tasks (such as data manipulation and reconciliation), and more time on high-value-add tasks (such as analysis). But even after making the transition from spreadsheets, there is still too much time between analysis and action.

That’s why in an environment that points to digital transformation, the incorporation of emerging technologies is a breakthrough, as they provide powerful decision-making tools that bridge the gap between analysis and action. The EPM tool helps improve the quality of decisions made by decision-makers by identifying patterns and useful information among historical data.

All of this has a positive impact on decision making across the board: from tactical (which supplier to pay first) to operational (budget reallocations) to strategic (mergers and acquisitions).

Beyond decision making, these technologies make it possible to automate routine tasks to eliminate manual work and reduce the likelihood of errors. Many tasks in the financial consolidation and closing process fit into this category. This type of automation will free up valuable time for finance professionals to spend, for example, on providing the forward-looking guidance that management needs to take advantage of upcoming opportunities.