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About Yeeply

In what are you specialised?

The strength of Yeeply lies in projects related to mobile app development. Our greatest experience and knowledge is about managing, developing and validating such technical projects. In spite of this, we are willing to develop other kind of projects that require different software. Thanks to our network of multi-talented professionals, there is always someone we can rely on to realise your project.

How many and what kind of projects has Yeeply carried out?

From the beginning, Yeeply has carried out over 400 development projects around the world. With clients ranging from large companies to small startups.

Do you provide your services to private individuals?

Yeeply is an exclusive platform, focused on the development and assistance of technological projects for companies of any size and sector. However, Yeeply has no problem working for individuals who demonstrate having a serious project and funding to carry it out.

I work for an agency, how can I hire Yeeply?

Yeeply has been working with several kind of agencies for many years. Most of them entrust their projects to us because we can work for their end customers with a white label. Besides, we are able to offer competitive prices and provide the best team of professionals to realise your project requirements.

Where are the developers located?

Our developers are currently located in more than 25 countries, all over the world. We have freelancers and teams of developers available to work remotely or at the office of clients.

Are the developers freelancers or working for companies? And in case of freelancers, is it possible to set up a team of different profiles?

In our network of professionals, we work with both freelancers and companies. As a general rule, we try not to assemble teams of different profiles because of the complexity regarding management responsibilities. Besides, we experienced that the process of a project goes smoother when the team is familiar with each other and only one person is in charge. However, it is possible to set up teams of several profiles as long as they are managed directly by our clients.

Where is your company located?

The main office of Yeeply is located on the campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. In addition, Yeeply has commercial offices in other cities like Paris, London and Madrid.


I don't know how much it is going to cost to realise my tech project. Can you help me with this?

Yes we can! Yeeply has several tools that allow you to get an idea of the cost of your project: How much does my app cost?" (EN, US) and How much does my website cost? (EN, US). However, it is important to keep in mind that yeeply.com is aimed for professionals and companies

How is it possible that Yeeply is able to offer a great price-quality ratio compared to other development companies?

Yeeply's prices are on one side based on the outsourcing of the project which means that it´s possible to let a team work remotely on your project. On the other side, there is the amount of new projects coming in frequently which allows us to offer our developers enough work to be in the position to offer more competitive prices to our clients. For our teams we are like an outsourced business unit that allows them to focus on technical tasks and reduce their marketing, sales and administrative costs.

Working with Yeeply

I think I didn't understand well. Who am I going to hire: Yeeply or a developer?

At any point in the project, your contracted partner will be Yeeply. This to ensure that your project is developed and monitored in optimal conditions, including aspects like optimising delivery times, tracking partial deliveries and time magagement. Of course, we ensure that the functionalities defined in the contract are adhered to. The developers also sign a parallel agreement with Yeeply to carry out the development. We always try to do the utmost to ensure that the functionalities which are defined in the contract are adhered to from the client and developer side.

Does Yeeply also offer maintenance for completed projects?

Yes, from the beginning Yeeply takes into account that it will be needed to spent a number of hours a month on maintenance after the project is completed. These are calculated in advance, to make sure that the client won't be surprised with unexpected costs after the delivery of the project. These montly hours of maintenance will be used for software updates, development of new versions, security improvement and design adjustments. However, these updates will include small actions in general. In case the client wants to add new features or make complex technical adjustments, the prior hourly rate that was used before will be applied for the additional hours.

Is there a guarantee included in the project?

Yes, we offer a 6-month guarantee to our clients who develop a project with us. This means Yeeply is responsible for fixing any type of bug or technical incidents regarding the functionalities that are defined in the contract.

How is the quality of the team that I want to hire ensured?

The freelancers and development companies that are included in our network are verified and certified internally by us. In this process we always check their tax-related information, recent success stories through interviews with customers, technical skills etc. This to make sure that we are only offering the best professional services to our clients. It's a process in which we start working with a team and extending responsibilities once they demonstrated their quality. The list of professionals who want to work with Yeeply are still growing, but only a small percentage are validated and qualified enough to become a certified developer.

Do you work with an hourly rate or a quotation?

We only offer quotations for project development through our platform. However, when it's specifically required by the client, it is possible to hire a professional (team) per hour, for the minimum duration of one week.

Do you sign confidentiality agreements or NDA's?

Whenever a clients needs to sign a NDA to work with us, we are willing to do this without any problem as long as the conditions are standard and non-abusive. If the client does not have a NDA, we propose one by default including conditions our clients feel most comfortable with.

Do you only work remotely?

No, we have technical managers, project managers and teams working at offices of clients all around the world. Outsourcing a service obviously enables to reduce the costs of a project but it is also common for our clients to request permanent or temporary presence in person.

Working with Yeeply

How are payments managed?

At Yeeply we always require a down payment to start our projects. The percentage of this initial payment depends on the negotiation, but it usually varies between 30% and 50% of the total budgeted costs. This allows us to dedicate the necessary resources to the project.

Is it mandatory to use the platform in order to work with Yeeply?

No, that won't be necessary. However, it's highly recommended to do so as it allows you to centralise communication at all times and have better control over your projects. Although, we understand that the majority of companies already are used to work with their own management and communication tools. That also applies to our teams, who are used to work with common monitoring and communication tools such as Trello, JIRA or Slack. In addition, Yeeply works with his own Git repository with Bitbucket. Once the project is completed, the client will receive all the codes and documentation of the project.

What happens if my project goes wrong?

The world of software is very complicated. With a great amount of projects around the world, it is possible that one goes accidentally wrong. Reasons for this could be as follows:

  • The funtionalities or details of the project were not defined clearly enough before starting the development process.

  • Additional adaptations are requested when the development process already has started.

  • The assigned team loses a team member due to illness or loss.

  • The relationship between the client and the assigned team is not going well for some reason.

  • The client had a bad experience with a prior development company, which made everything more complicated.

  • Etc..

Despite this, the satisfaction rate of our clients is very high. Our mission is to mediate and guarantee the best results of your technical project. The main objective of Yeeply's commercial and technical team is to take care of every single client and always think in solutions.

Who owns the source code?

Once the project is finished, the client will receive the source code. In general, the client will be the owner of the explotation and the source code. In exceptional cases, a part of the source code that has been used to develop the project, can be reused by the developer to reduce the costs of a new project. These conditions will, ofcourse, be discussed with the client before signing the contract.


What kind of professionals are working with Yeeply?

Yeeply works with freelancers, small businesses, development companies and large technology enterprises. They all had to pass the verification process to prove their knowledge and experience before getting certified.

I filled out the form to get certified but Yeeply has not contacted me yet.

The certification requests we receive, are verified in order of arrival. It also depends on the demand for new developers, characteristics of a profile and the length of the waiting list how soon your request will be handled. All in all, we try to balance the number of clients and developers on our platform. It is important to take into account that only 1% of the certification requests actually pass the test. Once your profile is in the process to be certified, we will contact you to carry out the necessary interviews.

How much does Yeeply charge to developers?

Unlike other platforms, Yeeply does not charge any fee or commission to developers for using the platform. There is no such thing as a montly subscription or other additional costs.

Can Yeeply remove me from the platform as a certified developer?

Yes, it is possible that Yeeply decides to exlude a certified professional from the platform. This can occur for many reasons such as: not adhering to the clausules that are item of the "Yeeply Partner" contract, not treating our clients correctly or when the level of quality is decreasing for example. Depending on the seriousness of the problem that occured, a developer might get excluded temporary or permanently from the platform.

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