About Yeeply

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In what are you specialised?

Yeeply’s marketplace of teams and professionals is specialised in the development of digital projects related to technology.

How many and what kind of projects has Yeeply carried out?

Yeeply has carried out more than 800 digital projects around the world, for clients ranging from startups and SMEs to large companies.

Do you provide your services to private individuals?

Yeeply is an exclusive platform, focused on the development and assistance of technological projects for companies of any size and sector. However, Yeeply has no problem working for individuals who demonstrate having a serious project and funding to carry it out.

I work for an agency, how can we cooperate with Yeeply?

Yeeply has been working with several kind of agencies for many years. Most of them entrust their projects to us because we can work for their end customers with a white label. Besides, we are able to offer competitive prices and provide the best team of professionals to realise your project requirements.

Where are Yeeply’s professionals located?

Yeeply’s teams and professionals are located all over the world, available to work at any time.

Are the professionals freelancers or working for companies? If they are freelancers, do you set up teams with different profiles?

In our network of professionals, we work with both freelancers and companies. As a general rule, we try not to assemble teams of different profiles because of the complexity regarding management responsibilities. Besides, we experienced that the process of a project goes smoother when the team is familiar with each other and only one person is in charge. However, it is possible to set up teams of several profiles as long as they are managed directly by our clients.

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