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Describe the project in as much detail as possible

Provide all the details you can for your project. The better you explain what you need, the faster we will be able to validate your project and the sooner you will recieve a secure proposal. Indicate an estimate of your budget. If you have any doubts about the cost of an app − please visit our tools Howmuchcostanapp.com or Howmuchtocreateawebsite.com to get a general idea. Also, please let us know if there is any current existing service similar to your project.

Personal validation of your project

After posting your project in Yeeply, it will go through a customised validation process, which will be carried out by our team. This is done to ensure that you obtain a customised proposal. This validation process varies in duration as it depends on the data that you have provided and your availability to answer some given questions related to your project.

Certified supplier allocation

Once we validate your project, we will allocate one or more trustworthy certified professionals and will work out a formal proposal together. It is best to follow this arrangement to find you the best professional, as our experience proves that projects turn out much better when they are assigned only to certified professionals in an objective manner and on an equal footing. The formal proposal will contain an overview of the work to be done and the technologies to be used, as well as the milestones, payments and delivery dates in which the development process is divided.

Project's development, payment and code delivery

Yeeply acts as your direct supplier and will allocate a carefully selected professional to your internal panel so you can interact with them from the very beginning to resolve possible issues, give the green light to the proposal and follow up the progress of the project's development without any further concerns. Yeeply is responsible for managing the selected professional to ensure that the project is fulfilled according to the terms and conditions specified in the contract that will be signed. In addition, Yeeply protects customers by ensuring that all proposals have competitive and attractive prices. We prepare all the necessary documentation, guarantee the non-disclosure of the data that you have provided, offer assurance and answer any possible questions that may arise at any time. We do this right up to the final code delivery stage.

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