If you have a project or you are looking to work on one, Yeeply is your platform.
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Certification as a supplier

Once we receive your completed pre-certification form, a member of our team will be assigned to your application and will be responsible for checking the professional information and references that you have provided. This process allows us to screen and work only with the most reliable and experienced professionals. Our goal is to accept no more than 5% of the applications that we receive and only those that can maximise value for our clients' projects. In addition, you will be asked to sign a series of non-disclosure, labour standards and cooperation agreements with Yeeply to be accepted.

Manual allocation of validated projects

Once you have your certified professional profile, we will send you those incoming projects that fit your professional profile – of course in accordance with the technologies and languages that you have been certified for. You will be able to get in touch with the customer directly to answer any possible questions that may arise and to start working on your proposal from the very moment we allocate a project to you.

Working out proposals

Once you have settled any possible questions with the customer and the Yeeply team send your firm proposal so it can be processed and approved, Yeeply applies a profit margin to assigned projects. The margin will vary depending on the kind of project, the country and the agreements in place with the end customer − amongst other things. This profit margin is what allows Yeeply to keep working on acquiring new customers and improving the platform to give everyone the best service. In every case, supplier prices will always be respected. The final decision is made by the customer.

Project's development, payment and code delivery

Yeeply acts as your direct customer and will allocate the selected project/customer in your internal panel, so you can interact with them from the very beginning to resolve any possible questions that may arise, send your proposal and show the progress of the project's development without further concerns. Yeeply will be solely responsible for managing all the direct commercial effort with the end customer. In addition, Yeeply is responsible for keeping professionals safe from non-serious customers, payment management and preparing all the necessary documentation at all times, up to the final stage when the code is delivered to the customer. This way you can devote all your efforts to what you are passionate about and not waste any time.

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