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We’ve developed a demanding certification process for our professionals. This procedure consists of an interview, a reference check, verification of technical skills etc. Eventually, only 1% of the applications we receive are approved.

Once we start working with a team, we gradually increase the number of projects and responsibilities as they prove their expertise. They are all unique, yet the same—providing high-end, custom solutions, at a fair price.

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A demanding certification process

Our certified professionals are developers, partners, tech companies, marketing agencies and more. Thanks to our unique certification process, we only work with the best remote talent worldwide.

First screening
Reference check


First screening

We filter all incoming applications by professional background, skills, experience, and current market demand. As a result, only a quarter of the enquiries pass this initial screening.



We set up an interview to get to know the professional/team. Depending on the profile(s), we do the utmost to verify their skills and abilities they want to be hired for.


Reference check

At this stage, previous clients are contacted and meetings are set up to verify their recommendations. At least one valid reference from a previous client is required to proceed with the process.



After completing one of our smaller projects for a client, the professional/ team gets officially certified. From now on, larger projects and responsibilities will be assigned to them.

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1. Yeeply’s certification process

Yeeply has become one of the most reliable marketplaces for outsourcing technology projects. The path that has led us to this point has always been crystal-cut: our platform was to incorporate only the best tech talent in the world. Naturally, the question arose of how to differentiate the best talent among the endless supply of professionals.


Technology-related jobs are currently in very high demand and this means that an ever-growing number of people decide to train and specialise in this area. Not all professionals, however, have the same experience or can accomplish demanding projects. To guarantee the highest quality and reliability, Yeeply has created an exclusive certification process that allows us to work only with the best-qualified professionals and make them available to you at a competitive price. Read on to find out how!

1.1 What is a certified professional?

By certified professionals, we mean tech experts who have passed our strict certification process. This process includes an interview, a reference check, and a technical skills examination, amongst other things. Only 1% of applicants complete our certification process successfully. These are some of the traits that are common to our certified professionals:

  • They have proven experience in a tech specialist area on demand by our customers on the platform.
  • They have a portfolio that corroborates the quality of their work in those technical areas in which they are looking forward to taking on projects.
  • They have completed a small trial project with Yeeply.
  • Our certified professionals offer competitive prices that adapt to our customers’ budgets.
  • Their work methodology allows them to collaborate with other teams (if necessary) to fulfil outsourced projects.


If you want to know exactly how we find and select these professionals, please read on.

1.2 Aim of the certification process

Some platforms lack this process, at least in a non-automated format. Having an open sign-up procedure with no certification process for the tech professionals applying could save us the time we spend reviewing them. We could also have significantly many more professionals signed up on our platform ready to take on new projects. However, there are several reasons why we have opted for establishing our certification process.

  • Quality over quantity. Rather than having a boatload of professionals, we just need to enrol the best amongst them. The number of professionals admitted to our platform grows according to the needs of our customers to ensure that we can always provide them with the services they require.
  • Reliability before, during, and after the project. We trust our experts and can guarantee that you will be at ease during all the stages of the project.
  • Competitive prices. We strive to offer you the solution that fits your needs and budget best. We achieve this thanks to our strong relationships with certified professionals and the fact that all management is done online. On the one hand, continuous collaboration with the teams allows us to negotiate competitive prices; on the other hand, our certified professionals are located all over the world, resulting in a diversification of their hourly rates.
  • The capability of finding your team swiftly. Any professional that we may assign to your project bears our quality seal, enabling you to start working on your project straight away not having to waste time on scouting for websites or asking for references and portfolios.
  • Satisfaction for future partnerships. We want to be your long-term tech partner, both for the project you currently have in mind and for any other that may arise in the future. We are well aware that the only way to earn your trust is to offer you a quality solution.

1.3 Why is each step of the certification process important?

As we’ve mentioned before, some platforms allow professionals to create their profile, which then becomes available to the general public after a simple automatic verification. For a series of reasons that we have already discussed, we are committed to conducting a thorough check on all our professionals on a one by one basis. We have defined a four-step process that is the product of years of experience finding the best talent. Each one of its four steps is essential:

  1. First screening. We get a lot of applications from professionals who want to join Yeeply. This first screening step is necessary to have a preliminary shortlist of candidates based on their experience and on whether their skills are in demand on our platform or not. Only 25% pass on to the next stage.
  2. Interview with Yeeply’s team. Thanks to this step we can assure you that we know each of our certified teams very well. We use these interviews to verify their skills.
  3. Reference review. We don’t want to strike you as being untrusting, but a kind word from a previous customer is the best quality guarantee. We are demanding towards our potential certified professionals and require them to give us at least one positive reference.
  4. Certification. During this step, our professionals must prove themselves in a real situation. The team must complete successfully a small project assigned by Yeeply.


Once the teams have gone through this four-step process, a further persisting process follows in which teams must earn our trust. When we start working with them, we increase the number of projects assigned to them and their responsibility in them to prove their worth.


2. Experience of Yeeply’s professionals

We are proud to be the platform with the best tech talent in the world. Our certification process is very important to achieve this but, when the chips are down, the professionals are the ones proving their validity in each of the projects we assign to them.


This is the reason why we want to tell you a little more about their extensive experience, which is proven by their long careers within their specific areas or by the number of projects they have successfully carried out—or by both.

2.1 Who are Yeeply’s professionals and where are they located?

There is plenty of diversity regarding our certified professionals: tech specialist associates, development companies, marketing agencies, etc. Regardless of this, the team that is the best fit for your project may either be an already existing team or one specifically assembled for you with the profiles you need.


You can hire different kinds of teams depending on your requirements:

  • Expert team > You’ll be working with professionals who are very clear about their strengths and specialisation (Android app development, for instance).
  • Multidisciplinary team > It’s made up of professionals with different profiles who’ll join forces to tackle your project (a round-up of UI, UX, and website development specialists, for instance).
  • A mix of expert teams > A merging of teams to cover all aspects of your project. This is the ideal option for digital transformation projects.


We work with the best experts at an international level. This means that our talents are located all over the world, enabling you to always find one who’s ready to start working on your project. Having them located all over the globe also allows us to be very competitive price-wise.

2.2 Technical profiles

You can find certified professionals belonging to any technological profile in Yeeply. Over the years, we have been incorporating experts into our platform and can, therefore, offer now a 360° service that covers all tech requirements that a company may have.


These are the main technical profiles that you’ll be able to find in Yeeply:

  • App developers. We have specialists for all kinds of app development: native apps, cross-platform apps, or web apps.
  • Website developers. These developers can create any kind of website—from corporate landing pages to online stores. Needless to say, we’ll take care of both the front-end and back-end.
  • Software developers. These professionals are essential if, let’s say, you need to programme an internal tool for your company.
  • Experts in Artificial Intelligence. Strengthen your project with artificial intelligence, thanks to which machines, software and all kinds of technological tools can work efficiently and analyze huge amounts.
  • RPA programmers. RPA programmers can implement process automation systems that allow companies to use software robots in their processes.
  • EPM integrators. Thanks to EPM solutions you can plan, analyze and report in a single integrated EPM solution.
  • UX/UI designers. These designers will be responsible for ensuring that your product’s interface is ready and is user-friendly.
  • Graphic designers. These professionals work on all kinds of visual elements present in apps and websites. They can also be commissioned with creating your company’s new corporate identity.
  • Design Thinking specialists. If your project involves launching a new product or service, these specialists will help you define it well and ensure it’s not ill-prepared for the market.
  • Marketing specialists. SEO, SEM, website content, social media… they can take care of any of these aspects and more! Our professionals can cover any marketing need you may have.
  • Digital transformation experts. This is currently one of the most demanded profiles. You can rely on them to start digitalising those areas of your company where digital transformation is needed the most.


As we’ve already discussed in the previous section, Yeeply enables you to create a tailored team with the profiles you require. Do you require any other professional profile? Tell us a little about your project and surely we’ll be able to help you find it.


3. Experience of Yeeply’s team

Yeeply is committed to making your project become a success, even if we’re not the ones who will specifically be developing it. For this reason, you’ll always be able to rely on the support of an advisor from our team who’ll guide you step by step through the entire process.


On other platforms, you’ll be in charge of managing your project whether it’s convenient for you or not: you’ll have to find out which is your best option among an array of professionals, contact them to be able to validate them, try to resolve any possible technical doubts, etc.


Yeeply, on the other hand, has a support model with two clear objectives: to make our experience in tech projects available to you so that you can make the best decisions and to save you plenty of time on team research and selection. We are capable of meeting these goals thanks to the ampleness of our experience. Please, read on!

3.1 Yeeply’s background and vision

Yeeply came into being in 2013 as a marketplace specialising above all in the outsourcing of tech projects and app professionals.


The platform originated from the fact that traditional all-rounder marketplaces were failing in prioritising quality and that the app market needed a specific platform accommodated to its needs. With investor support and by gradually adjusting our business model, it took Yeeply just a year to establish itself as a sustainable company. Yeeply has kept on growing in many ways since then.


The platform also allows outsourcing all kinds of digital projects—not just apps. This makes it possible for any company to cover 100% of its technological needs through a single supplier. Likewise, Yeeply’s current global and relocated nature guarantees the availability of talented professionals from around the globe to provide services for customers located anywhere in the world. These are some figures that portray what we have attained:

  • Over 150 certified teams.
  • Teams located in more than 40 countries.
  • Customers from more than 50 different countries.
  • Over 2,000 completed projects.

3.2 Project support and assistance

As you can see, we’ve worked on plenty of tech projects. This has given us an extensive insight into the industry, which is something that we naturally want to make available to you. Therefore, once you’ve published your project on Yeeply, a member of our team will contact you to get it started.

Assistance before the project’s development

The first thing we’ll need is a good understanding of your goals and requirements. To fulfil this, we’ll contact you so you can tell us a little more and, if necessary, we may also arrange a meeting. In our first talk, we’ll try to clear up some of the main technical questions you may have. For example, you may be hesitating on whether to choose native development or cross-platform development for the app you want to create.


Our experience has given us the necessary expertise to clear these doubts of technical nature. We’ll also advise you on how to approach your tech project. Many people come to us to outsource a development project without being entirely clear about what they want. In this case, we suggest you first work with a Design Thinking team to help you define your product or service.

Assistance during the project’s development

You will always be in direct communication with your team, with whom you will organise your project’s development and its stages. We don’t disappear after you enter into the contract: we remain by your side to make sure everything goes well. In the unlikely event that the team assigned to your project ends up not fitting your needs, we will find another team for you. We are also constantly on the lookout for professionals from other areas that may supplement your current team.

Assistance after the project’s development

When the project’s last batch has been delivered, we ask our customers to give us their feedback about Yeeply, the team they have worked with, and the overall collaboration experience. Besides, we are always ready to provide support to our customers in their next technological challenges.


Many of our customers keep on working with Yeeply once their projects have been accomplished, either by developing new tech projects or by hiring an hour bank maintenance service for their completed projects.


So, are you willing to work with the best professionals? We are looking forward to getting to know a little more about your project! We just need you to give us some details through this form and we’ll get in touch with you.