Project type:
Prototype / MVP, iOS App development

With Trill the dating experience is made social. The goal of trill is not only to meet with new people, flirt, or find out who is around you, but it also offers an inclusive experience that you can share with friends. What’s more, it’s not just a dating app, but a platform for you to meet people with similar interests.

An app to start the business

At Yeeply we have vast experience in developing social apps. We helped the Trill team to create a unique twist on dating.

We undertook the app development, design and app store launch. The project was delivered on time, ready for the launching of the client’s business. In this case, the app was developed for iOS and can be found in the Apple Store.

Multiple funcionalities

Trill is a fine example of a complex idea made simple. It offers multiple functions and features to its users.

The app enables users to create different groups of up to seven people by inviting Facebook friends. The user can also share photos in the app within their groups. Similarly, Trill allows group chat so that you can talk with your other group members privately.