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We offer custom web design adjusted to any type of company or business

  • You don’t know where to start? At Yeeply we accompany you in the definition of your web design project.
  • Connect with designers who have already worked on projects similar to yours.
  • Communicate directly with your team whenever you want and keep track of the progress of your project.
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  • Work with an experienced team of web designers who will guide you step-by-step through the project.
  • Receive one or more custom proposals for the design of your website, always adapted to your budget.
  • Leave your project in good hands – all the information you share with Yeeply is confidential.
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  • Graphic designers, UX experts, UI specialists etc. Find professionals for any area of web design on one platform.
  • Receive one or several personalised proposals that truly fit your budget, with total transparency about the final cost of the project.
  • Follow the status of your web design project and talk to your team whenever necessary.
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  • Save time finding the ideal team for your web (re)design. We take care of connecting you with the experts you need.
  • Find professionals from any area on the same platform, whether it’s for web design or any other digital project.
  • Yeeply offers you great flexibility in hiring resources. Switch resources on and off according to your needs.
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Website design with Yeeply: step-by-step

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1. Tell us about your web design project

Describe what you need and provide as much information as possible.

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2. We find you the perfect team

Our algorithm takes care of finding the right team to design your website.

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3. Receive a custom quote

Obtain one or more personalised proposals. Negotiate with your team and sign when everything is clear.

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4. Let’s design that website!

We take care of the paperwork so you can focus on the execution of the project.



“Our experience with Yeeply’s development, design and SEO teams has been excellent. They are definitely a group of talented professionals who have conformed to our company’s values and understood the particular needs that we had. In short, we have proved a fine duo.”

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José Luis González
CEO at Credexia


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How much does a web design cost?

The price of a web design depends on many factors. For example, if it concerns a redesign vs a design from scratch; if it’s based on a template vs a custom design. If also depends on how many pages you need, what graphic elements are required etc.

If you want to know how much the design of your website would cost, we recommend you to request a custom quote at Yeeply (no strings attached).


What are the benefits of a custom web design?

A fully customised design means that your web can be adapted to a corporate image or brand. There is also more room for creativity and originality.

Other possible benefits of a custom web design (compared to a template-based design) are:

  • A quicker loading speed;
  • Better user experience;
  • More intuitive user interface;
  • Advanced security and control.


What are the benefits of a template-based web design?

Some web development programs, such as WordPress, offers templates to design a website.

These templates come with many pre-designed elements which can save time on the development and lower the final cost. Despite, they don’t allow a 100% custom design.


What is the difference between web design and web development?

Both are part of a web development process:

  • In the web design phase, the focus lies on the structure, visual elements, as well as the usability (UX) and the interface (UI).
  • In the web development phase, the design is adapted to the chosen programming language to turn the web into a reality.

Although it’s common to start with the design phase, it’s not always necessary to wait until this phase is finished to start with the development. In projects that apply an agile (or lean) methodology, both processes can advance in parallel.


What is the difference between UX and UI?

Both are fundamental in the design of web pages, but they’re not the same. These are the differences between UX and UI:

  • UX, or user experience, focuses on the visitor who will use the web. It analyses how the user behaves when interacting with the page to ensure that it’s functional.
  • UI, or user interface, focuses on the elements of the website with which the user can interact. It is also known as interface design or interface engineering.

In other words, UI is used to encourage interaction with a website while UX is about analysing how functional this interaction is.