Two Spanish entrepreneurs, Luis Picurelli and Héctor Badal, came up with the idea of Yeeply after realising two things: firstly, traditional marketplaces were not objective and did not focus on quality. Secondly, there was a demand for a customised platform in the sector of mobile applications.

A brief review of our history

In 2013, we launched Yeeply, a platform that allows companies to find the right professional(s) for their mobile app or tech project.

In 2014, Yeeply was already considered as a sustainable startup thanks to the support of investors and adjustments of the product and business model.

In 2015, we entered the French market and a year later also the Italian market, surpassing one million euros in sales that year.

In 2017, Yeeply positioned itself as a consolidated statup with a revenue of more than 3,5 million euros from clients all over the world

Our values are our philosophy

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We try to truly understand our clients and professionals by listening to them and trying to do the utmost to solve their concerns.

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We love what we do and like to work and surround ourselves with people who enjoy it too.

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We don’t want to change everything, but improve it in some way, adding our own contribution to every single project.

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Our platform generates direct and indirect work for hundreds of people.

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We believe we can learn from everything and everyone. That’s why we want to listen and learn from our customers and employees.

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We only accept projects that we are able to carry out. We are realistic and transparent for the sake of our customers and the company.

Meet our team

Luis Picurelli Luis Picurelli

Luis Picurelli

CEO & Co-founder

Héctor Badal Héctor Badal

Héctor Badal

COO & Co-founder

María Pérez María Pérez

María Pérez


Fernando Ballester Fernando Ballester

Fernando Ballester

Business development

Jorge Esteve Jorge Esteve

Jorge Esteve

Business development

Léo Robin Léo Robin

Léo Robin

Business Development

Javier Fuentes Javier Fuentes

Javier Fuentes


Javier Motos Javier Motos

Javier Motos

Web development

Larissa Bakker Larissa Bakker

Larissa Bakker



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