We differentiate ourselves in technology and information at our disposal, to improve our internal processes and offer the best high-tech solutions at lowest cost.

What distinguishes us?

It’s important to understand the main differences between working with Yeeply and working with a development company, agency or directly with an IT expert.

Quality/ satisfaction94%50%70%70%
Available teamsImmediately1-3 months2-4 weeks2-4 weeks
Amount of resourcesUnlimitedVery limitedLimitedLimited
Final costMedium/ lowHighMedium/ lowHigh
Technical control of the projectHighLowHighMedium
Relationship with the clientHighLowHigh
Know-how technologyHighMedium/ lowHighMedium/ low
Multi-lingual supportYesNoNo







Why choose Yeeply?

The number of companies outsourcing development, design and marketing services is on the rise. Yet, too often they obtain low-quality deliveries, delays, or simply fail to find the right professional. Yeeply was founded to solve these problems through a different value proposition.

Find the right professional

Our goal is to make your project a success. Our experience and high-end technology allow us to choose the perfect professional(s) for you.

Pay a fair price

We can adjust our prices to the maximum thanks to the good rates offered by our certified teams and to the relocation of resources.

Stay up-to-date

We guarantee transparency and direct communication with your team. Yeeply will also be at your disposal to give you support.

High quality guaranteed

All our teams and professionals have passed a certification process and have worked successfully on other projects similar to yours.

greatly optimised professional network

One of Yeeply’s keys to succes is its algorithm, optimising internal processes to make sure that developers and clients on the platform only receive projects that are truly matching their knowledge and experience. Thanks to this, Yeeply is able to select the best teams for its clients in the most efficient way while reducing time and costs.

Are you ready for your first project?